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Aug 30 2012

Mystery Flora: Tiny Treasures

Mystery Flowers I

On my long ramble along North Creek a few months ago, I noticed a sort of purple aspect to some of the plants alongside the trail. I bent down for a closer look. These were among the tiniest flowers I’ve ever seen.

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Aug 29 2012

New at Rosetta Stones: A Walk in the Forearc

I’m sorta-kinda back, my darlings! I’ve written up a nice little hike you can take should you ever find yourself down Corvallis way. A few hundred feet, and you can see many of those important bits of subduction zones you so often see in diagrams. So there’s a bit o’ geology for ye, and some …

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Aug 21 2012

A+, Plus Drool-Worthy Geology, AW #49 Info, and Other Bits

A+ logo by by One Thousand Needles, with one minor modification by moi.

Blowing the dust off ye olde computer to say “Allo, allo, I’m still alive!” Taking a break, still, although I’m dipping my toes back in to a desultory bit o’ work. Like, this post. First off, I just want to throw my support to Jen McCreight’s brilliant Atheism + idea. When my brain is back …

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Aug 16 2012

Stuff and Nonsense

Moi at Meadowdale Park, pausing at the exit of the pedestrian underpass to gawk at the creek flowing out from underneath the boardwalk. Image courtesy Cujo359.

I hate doing this, but circumstances insist: I shall be going to a somewhat light to virtually non-existent┬áposting schedule over the next week or so. I’m getting me arse kicked by research, my darlings. On top of this, I’m still adjusting to a lack of nicotine, which seems to involve endless eating, sudden bouts of …

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Aug 14 2012

Call For Posts – Accretionary Wedge #49: Out of This World

The time for our next Accretionary Wedge is nigh. I suppose it’s about time for your host to let you know what the topic is, then, innit? With Curiosity landing at the base of a three mile high mountain on Mars, I think we all know there’s only one sensible choice: we must head for …

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Aug 12 2012

I Just Gave Away My Emergency Pack of Cigarettes

For those breathlessly following my quitting saga, and who might have missed the update yesterday: the deed is done. I’ve not had a single puff since last Saturday night. Haven’t even stood downwind of smokers inhaling deeply. In fact, I walked past the smoking area at work Thursday and quit breathing because it smelled bad. …

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Aug 11 2012

I Had No Idea What an Arenophile Is Before a Geokitteh Told Me

See, this is why this silly Geokitteh idea Evelyn and I hatched is actually not a joke: (This is where I do the mea culpa dance, because Evelyn’s working in the buttfuck of nowhere with internet access almost never, and she still manages to post to Geokittehs, whereas I keep intending to and never quite …

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Aug 11 2012

Thunderf00t’s Potentially Illegal, Positively Immoral Crusade

I’m not going to say much about Thunderf00t’s plunge into probable illegality, because it’s been said better elsewhere. I’m having a difficult time thinking in anything other than expletives, and have since I discovered that little shit hacked our email list after being tossed out on his ear. I know he has a penchant for …

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Aug 09 2012

New at Rosetta Stones: The Cataclysm

You probably thought we’d never reached that day, but here we are: May 18th, 1980. I’ve used mostly witness statements to try to capture the chaos of those first hours. The science will come later, as it did then. And believe me when I say we’ve only just begun. So much happened that day. So …

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Aug 08 2012

Items of Interest

Some quick updates and interesting items before I get to some epic post-writing: Via Skepchick: a tale of cyber-woe, and some good security tips. I’ve spent a few moments tonight hardening myself as a target – do yourself the same favor. Also, do not rely on companies’ policies for over-the-phone account management to keep you …

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