Post-SSA Week Geology Challenge Numero Quatro!

Cole Kingsbury won Challenge #3, putting another $10 in the SSA’s coffers in his honor. On to #4!

I’m gonna kick it up a notch: name the location, and what geologists suspect created it.

Geology Challenge Photo #4

Schott Rule in effect: Cole has to sit this one out until 5pm. Ron’s back in the game, though, so be fast, my friends! Hints at 4:30 if no one guesses before then.

Ready? Go!


For those who wish to donate themselves, the button still works fine:

If I don’t respond or fish a comment out of moderation quickly, forgive me: my internet connection is playing silly buggers off and on today. Your time stamp still counts, so no worries.


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      On a side note, WordPress decided to moderate that one because it hates “meltwater.” Silly, silly WordPress. Sorry about that!