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Subscribing to Rosetta Stones

My darlings, you have made today awesome beyond belief. Thank you for the kind words and enormous show of support! You constantly amaze me. I love you dearly, and I hope you never ever forget that.

A few of you have been having difficulties subscribing to Rosetta Stones. Cujo already popped the answer into comments on the previous post, but I figured I’d best get this up here so everybody can see it. Click here for the feed. Or, if you want to do it the not-very-hard-but-a-wee-bit-harder-way:

How to Subscribe

Just click the little orange dealie beside the blog title. Et voilà!

I’ll also be posting to Twitter, Facebook and G+, as well as here. You’re probably going to be sick of me shouting, “Hey, look, a link to Rosetta Stones!” before too long.

They need to install a “Dude, I know, shaddup about it now” filter on social media…


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    is there a way to get the new RS posts emailed like i do here? i don’t use an rss feed – i like getting the email notification so i can pop over and read it — like i did with this one :)

    i’m so forking happy about rs! and that you are continuing to write here. double the dana, double the fun (and learning)

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    I loves me some RSS, but it occurred to me that my favorite bloggers don’t get click-credit if I read the fruits of their labor on a Reader. Lately I’ve been depending on Twitter links and just clicking through when something catches my eye.