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Mar 18 2012

A More Interesting World

A funny thing’s happened now I’ve joined an atheist blog network: I rarely blog about atheism. There are reasons for that. My fellow FtBers usually have said all I need to say, better than I could have said it. That’s one of the main reasons. But I think the main one is this: religion bores …

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Mar 17 2012

Even Moar Weapons-Grade Cute: The Cold War Just Got Hot

Greta Christina has launched an all-out assault on Cromm’s position. I figured I’d cover her flank, mostly because when you’ve got weapons-grade cute, you should use it. I like guerrilla warfare, meself, so I will launch a stealth attach. We will first demonstrate that kittehs and goggies wuv each other. If you wimped out and …

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Mar 17 2012

Mystery Flora Addendum: They Like Cliffs, Too. Plus, Volcanic Musings

Lewis' Monkeyflower cuddling rock

So no shit, there I was, flicking through the rest of my Mount Rainier photos for reasons unrelated to mystery flora, and I found more of the Lewis’ Monkeyflower identified by Hotshoe yesterday. So what if they’re no longer a mystery? They’re still nifty. The outcrop there is no slouch, either. I’ll have more to …

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Mar 16 2012

Mystery Flora: Living Dangerously

Mystery Flower I

It’s been awhile since I’ve thrown you a mystery flower, hasn’t it? Today’s contestant likes to live dangerously. It’s growing in old lahar deposits on Mount Rainier. You see something like this, without knowing what all the boulders encased in mud mean, and why there’s a bloody great glacier-covered lump rising out of the earth, …

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Mar 15 2012

The Scenes We Saw, Day Four

Upper North Falls

For three days, the sun shone down, and while it wasn’t precisely warm (“butt-ass freezing cold” is a better descriptor, except for wonderful intervals where the wind died down and/or the geology offered some respite), the weather qualified as unseasonably awesome by Pacific Northwest standards. We got lucky. Usually, when you make travel plans this …

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Mar 15 2012

Is There a Slice o’ Pi Left?

Damn it, I missed Pi day. See what happens when you’re practically unconscious for three days? Good thing Cujo was on top of it. Ah, well. Leftovers it is. Some of you weren’t around last year for my Pi Day extravaganza, so it’ll seem all fresh and tasty. It’s got Doctor Who in it. What’s …

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Mar 14 2012

The Scenes We Saw, Day Three

Blueschist! Top o' ye hammer for scale. Sorta.

Word o’ the day is blueschist. I can’t even begin to describe how unutterably awesome it is to see blueschist in the wild. I like all rocks, even the endless basalt, but blueschist is the schist and it’s something truly special. Bandon, Oregon has whole jetties made of this stuff. The ocean fades into insignificance …

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Mar 13 2012

The Scenes We Saw, Day Two


I’m sure if we give it a day or two, my mad writing skillz will return. However, after returning to work on top of the residual effects of “ZOMG exercise WTF??”, I’m still fuzzy. I’m reading a book on cadavers (Stiff by Mary Roach), which is appropriate because I rather feel like one. And I’m …

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Mar 12 2012

The Scenes We Saw, Day One

Cherry Blossoms

You’re always on my mind on these trips. I see wonderful and spectacular things and whip out my camera to capture them for you. Then I come home, pick out a selection of photos showing off some of the highlights, intend to post them after maybe just a few minutes’ doze, and wake up nearly …

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Mar 11 2012

Yet Moar Weapons-Grade Cute: Interspecies Edition

Nightmare and Ashley

So what if the war is over? We’ve got all kinds of war memorabilia, and no reason not to show it off to like-minded collectors. And if you don’t like it, kitteh will pwn you: It’s a good thing they sleep sometimes. Otherwise, we’d never get a good photo without bleeding.

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