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Mar 26 2012

Sunset Bay: Pacing a Puzzle

Seriously Bent

Planed off into two dimensions by erosion, geological features can be confusing. Some folks are talented at reconstructing the original three dimensions. I’m not one of those folks. I can build a world from scratch in my head, populate it with multi-dimensional people, but ask me to pop what amounts to a natural diagram out …

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Mar 25 2012

Sunday Song: Anger (with a Tim Minchin Chaser)

Actually, I’m not angry at all today. I’m a happy atheist. I did have to go in to work, which was annoying, but only for two hours, and then I was free to enjoy a mild, somewhat sunny day… by arranging the storage shed and renewing my lease. I’m telling you, the excitement around here …

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Mar 24 2012

Atheist Goggie, Evul Kitteh, Mah Name on a Book Cover, and the Most Depressing Video Ever

Sorry, folks, I’m wrecked. Got three hours of sleep last night, on top of three the night before, and couldn’t sleep this evening, probably because my body’s forgotten how it’s done. So I’m spending the night watching old school Doctor Who and cleaning out the storage shed. Yeah, I know how to par-tay. I haven’t …

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Mar 24 2012

Last Weekend for Tommy

So you’ve missed the Reason Rally, you’ll be AWOL at Rock Beyond Belief, and you’re stuck in the Pacific Northwest with nothing to do. If you’re near Burien, you could console yourself with some rock opera. This is the last weekend for Tommy. Grab yer chance before it’s gone. And enjoy a little St. Paddy’s …

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Mar 23 2012

Stuck in the Northwest While Everyone Parties at the Reason Rally and Rock Beyond Belief?

Well, I haz just the event for you! Reader Brad notified me the Northwest Free-thought Alliance is having its conference on March 30th – April 1st. It’s just south of Seattle, which is easy-peasy for many of us Northwesterners. It’s got freethinkers and food and lots of interesting talks. It’ll be a blast! You should …

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Mar 22 2012

Hey, Ophelia! I Gotcher Daffodils Right Here! With Haiku, Fruit Trees and Tom Lehrer

A Daffodil in Oregon

We’ve just passed the equinox, and things round here are getting ready to spring into spring. Not fast enough for Ophelia, alas – she wants her daffodils and wants them now. Well, she can haz. And so can you. There’s also bonus Tom Lehrer at the end, because spring isn’t complete without one particular song. …

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Mar 21 2012

“Religion Depends on Social Consent to Survive”

It’s been nearly a year since I clipped this snippet from Greta Christina’s “Live-Blogging the Rapture.” Religion depends on social consent to survive and perpetuate itself. We have to deny that consent. We have to keep pointing out, at every available opportunity, that the Emperor has no clothes. That, coming at the end of a …

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Mar 20 2012

I Got Coal in My Stocking!

Wild Coal Horses

Remember when I mentioned geologists have an incentive to be naughty? I must have been very naughty indeed, because Santa (i.e., my mother) just sent me coal. Coal horses! I have no idea where she found them. All she did, when she told me something was on its way, was snigger about how she’d found …

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Mar 19 2012

Not Mystery Flora: Western Skunk Cabbage

Very Probably Skunk Cabbage I

At least, I’m fairly certain it’s Western Skunk Cabbage*. It’s skunk cabbage, anyway. Lockwood and I saw bunches of it at Sunset Bay. The reasons I’m treating you to a gallery of skunk cabbage are two-fold: I’ve been busy with a project all weekend, so I’m not prepared for writing up delicious geology. Also, Bug …

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Mar 18 2012

Not Just a Week, but “A” Week

Scarlet A Over Ruby Beach Seastack

Visitors to my Facebook page will notice a change to ye olde profile photo: It’s A Week on Facebook, y’see, and since I had other, more pressing concerns having to do with getting my crap together for a rather exciting upcoming event which I can’t announce just yet but soon will, I decided to spend …

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