We Can Haz Geokittehs Stoar!

Yes, a store! And you can get stuff with Geokittehs on it! Evelyn is amazing – we kicked this idea around for about twenty seconds, and the next thing I knew, it was a reality. While she’s busy with her thesis, no less. And I haven’t even posted a Geokitteh in ages!

I am so lame. Thankfully, Evelyn is not. Neither is the first offering: a Stalacatite.

The proceeds will be used to fund those geology field trips Evelyn and I keep meaning to take and never quite get round to, us being on opposite sides of the world and stuff. But that’s not all! 10% is going to fund no-kill kitteh shelters. And what do you get? Awesome geology with cats on, that’s what.

This is a very much a work-in-progress. So, what sort of geokitteh-themed stuff would you guys want? And do you have any geokittehs you’d particularly like us to include? Let us know!


  1. says

    How about a gneiss kitteh? Kittehs has big apatites. My litter box is a lode of schist! Oooo…how about a kitteh looking like the Indian god Vishnu sitting in the Grand Canyon…is there a joke in there? Maybe?

  2. Brianne Bilyeu says

    Okay…I SWEAR that was supposed to be shapes, but my finger slipped on the phone keypad. Not intended to be another geology pun attempt.