Stuck in the Northwest While Everyone Parties at the Reason Rally and Rock Beyond Belief?

Well, I haz just the event for you! Reader Brad notified me the Northwest Free-thought Alliance is having its conference on March 30th – April 1st. It’s just south of Seattle, which is easy-peasy for many of us Northwesterners. It’s got freethinkers and food and lots of interesting talks. It’ll be a blast! You should totally go.

I, alas, can’t go. I’m buried under a super sekrit project which won’t be sekrit for much longer.

But you could go. Then you could give me the juicy details about Karen Mockrin’s “Current Separation Cases.” You can tell me “What’s Going On at MRFF,” because Akiva David Miller’s going to bring you up to speed. And you can hit me with the highlight reel from the keynote, “Waiter, There’s A God In My Language!” I’m sure Anu Garg will have you rolling.

You lucky barstards. *sniffle*

I’ll tell you what I’ll be doing my damnedest to get to, though: the after-conference shindig, “Working Together for a Secular Society, A Celebration.” It’s Richard Dawkins, Elisabeth Cornwell, and Sean Faircloth. It’s at 3pm in Bellevue, which is within spitting distance from my place as long as there’s not a stiff wind from the south. It’s $5. Unless, of course, you’re one of the lucky barstards who went to the conference, in which case, it’s free.

If you’re going, let me know, and we’ll form a horde. Probably not a ravening horde, because I’ll be too bloody tired out from super sekrit projects to raven or even seriously inconvenience, but still, a horde.

And if anyone has horses so we could ride to the venue in true horde fashion, that would be awesome.


  1. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    And if anyone has horses so we could ride to the venue in true horde fashion, that would be awesome.

    I’m a sailor. If I’m going to be part of a ravening horde then I want to arrive on a longboat in true viking fashion. That would be awesome.

    • F says

      I’d pay to see that! Not much, mind you, as I’m rather poor and otherwise locked to my location, so I couldn’t see it except as a recording. (Same reason I won’t be found at any event.)

      Maybe we can get you elected president, and you can sail something scaled-down on the reflecting pool all day with a desk on deck.

  2. oldebabe says

    Also a new place to observe the geography but more expensive and a mite farther away, is the ImagineNoReligion conference in Kamloops B. C. May 18-20. I’ll join that `horde’.

  3. carilli72 says

    FFRF is having it’s convention in Portland October 12 & 13 this year at least. It would be nice to get something up here around the Bellingham area but what the hell…we did get Carlin once!