Even Moar Weapons-Grade Cute: The Cold War Just Got Hot

Greta Christina has launched an all-out assault on Cromm’s position. I figured I’d cover her flank, mostly because when you’ve got weapons-grade cute, you should use it.

I like guerrilla warfare, meself, so I will launch a stealth attach. We will first demonstrate that kittehs and goggies wuv each other.

If you wimped out and stopped the video early, go back to just after the 1:20 minute mark. You do not want to miss teh kitten playing with teh St. Bernard’s tongue.

And now that we’ve managed to camouflage our intent…

I can only imagine Cromm’s response:

We haz only one thing to say to that:



  1. F says

    Open letter to cats:

    Oh, my god, fucking lie down already. Don’t pretend that you don’t know what I mean. Just pick a spot and chill.