Is There a Slice o’ Pi Left?

Damn it, I missed Pi day. See what happens when you’re practically unconscious for three days? Good thing Cujo was on top of it.

Ah, well. Leftovers it is. Some of you weren’t around last year for my Pi Day extravaganza, so it’ll seem all fresh and tasty. It’s got Doctor Who in it. What’s better than that?


Edit: Damn it, I should’ve realized I wasn’t the only geoblogger having Pi. Evelyn’s got a big ol’ slice herself! Who else have I missed?


  1. David Hart says

    Never mind; you can still celebrate Tau Day this year

    (though, as a UK resident, I find the American habit of numbering dates not in ascending order of size of time unit to be both frustrating and bizarre)

  2. StevoR says

    @1. David Hart : Yes indeed. I think either day-month-year or the Japanese way of year-month-day make the most logical sense.

  3. Lyle says

    Or as noted you can be European and celebrate Pi day on Nov 3 which in the European way of dates is 3/11/2012