Monthly Archive: February 2012

Feb 08 2012

For Suzanne

Sunset Sprig

My dearest Suzanne could use some beautiful things right now. So I shall give her (and also you, dearest readers) some flowers and a sunset from Oregon, 2010, when Lockwood took us round to investigate the glories of Oregon geology for the very first time. I have no idea what this is, but it can …

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Feb 06 2012

Would You Like Some Geology With Your Coffee? One Mountain or a Range?

Sip This

I have to admit, when my coworker Mitch told me he’d bought a drive-through coffee stand, I thought he was nuts. He’s rather the last person I’d expect to buy a business of any sort. But then he was smart enough to filch a known excellent barista, and the whole enterprise began to look more …

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Feb 05 2012

Intimations of Spring

Mt. Rainier from a drumlin

Seattle does this. In the midst of a chilly, drab, damp gray winter, a few days burst out with sun and warmth, as if the Pacific Northwest has gotten as tired of the cold and dark as its inhabitants and decided to skip forward a few months. It will go back to being winter again …

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Feb 03 2012

Slowly Emerging

Figured I’d better check in and let everyone know I’m still alive. Buried in Agatha Christie, still, but alive. I’m slowly clearing the email backlog, so those of you who’ve emailed without reply for a while should be getting responses soon. I cleaned up ye olde inbox at last, flagged things needing attention, and downloaded …

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