Jan 01 2012

Sunday Song: New Year’s Day

New year, old traditions. I always play “New Year’s Day” on the first day of a brand new year. Then I try on resolutions like new clothes and usually discard the lot.

This year, I resolve to laugh me arse off at all the Mayan calendar end-of-world nonsense. That’s one I’m certain I can keep. You?

Happy New Year, my darlings!


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  1. 1

    My boss is planning to have a “Mayan Calendar End-Of-The-World” party on 23 December 2012. Unless the world does end in which case the party is postponed until the following week.

  2. 2

    One of my favorite U2 tunes! Back when I worked at a rather large military installation, I used to love playing this.

    It’s too bad the Mayan calendar doesn’t end in among all those other holidays. If it weren’t, we’d have more energy to celebrate it properly.

  3. 3
    Stan Brooks

    Great song, and a finally a resolution I can follow. Happy New Year.

  4. 4
    Last Hussar

    But the neutrinos, they are mutating…

  5. 5
    Ten Bears

    One partially destroyed icon does not a prediction make.

    I’m not going to laugh at the idiots that believe that crap, I’m gonna’ mess with their heads.

    (Kinda’ missed you at your old place, nice to see you here)

  6. 6


    your normally daily posting has been light/nonexistent for a couple of weeks now. I assume it’s because some trouble has come up in your life (though I hope not). Is there anything your readers can do to help??? Some of us (I’m not including myself here) are creative problem solvers…


  7. 7

    I was wondering, too. Hope she’s okay. Is there anyone out there who knows her IRL, who could call or text, or email her?
    Keeping my fingers crossed….

  8. 8

    I saw her in the flesh last Wednesday, and she sent this Twitter message last Thursday explaining that she had stepped away from the Internet for a while.

    1. 8.1

      UPDATE: Just got an e-mail from Dana. All is well. She’s been in writer mode.

      1. Lithified Detritus

        Glad to hear it. I’d been concerned, too, given the issues with her Mom, etc.

      2. Cat

        Oh, good news! I was also worrying.

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