Dec 24 2011

Saturday Song: Christmas Eve Sarajevo

Trans-Siberian Orchestra is one of my favorites. I love metal, I love classical, I love the fusion of the two, and I love the fact someone managed to make Christmas music that doesn’t suck.

Of course, I had no idea they existed. I first became acquainted through Savatage’s Dead Winter Dead album, on which this song appears. A friend said, “Hey, you know that’s actually a Trans-Siberian Orchestra song, right?” And I said, “Who, wha?” and he gave me that look that said pity the poor TSO-deprived fool and introduced me.

And I was amazed that there was Christmas music I could play without wanting to vomit.

Being an SF writer, I’m quite fond of “Wizards in Winter,” as well:


I love the fact we live in an age where people can program Christmas lights to play along to heavy metal and win prizes for it.

There. Now you’ve got all that insipid Christmas crap washed out of your brain. You can sleep to a more satisfying soundtrack, and if you’ve been a very naughty geologist indeed, maybe Santa will have been so kind as to put some nice coal in your stocking.


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  1. 1
    Dave Churvis

    Oh man, TSO is a lot of fun! My partner turned me on to them a few years ago, and we’ve gone to see their live show a couple of times. (their live show, incidentally, has to be seen to be believed.)

  2. 2

    Never heard of TSO D:

    I would have linked to them sooner, had I known.

    I’d better link this just to be safe:
    Gary Hoey’s rendition of “You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch”.

  3. 3

    Outstanding! I’m gonna send this stuff to everybody!

    Here — have a lump of black shiny stuff.

  4. 4

    I love TSO, and I FUCKING LOVE Savatage. Specially Hall of The Mountain King and Gutter Ballet. Those albums are Heavy Metal classics.

  5. 5
    Jim Baerg

    It helps that TSO picked 2 of the better Xmas carols to arrange in that.

    The Huron Carol
    Carol of the Bells

    And a very good arrangement it is.

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