Buffalo Bill’s

e.e. cummings's "Buffalo Bill's," published in The Dial, 1920. Image courtesy Wikipedia

Poem’s been running through my mind since I heard about Hitch. He was outsize to me, like Buffalo Bill. Perhaps someone will put him in a poem like this one. Perhaps, if the Muse is kind, I shall.

What I like about them is that, outsize as they were, legendary as they seemed, they were human. Fully, gloriously, infuriatingly and charmingly human.


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    thanks for sharing the IBD editorial. They are always good for a laugh with their writing about “radicals” and “agitators.” To IBD, these terms refer to anyone who does not read and subscribe to the thoughts of the IBD’s editorial page writers. I do give IBD credit in that they clearly keep a line of separation between their news and editorial pages. Much of their reporting is quite cogent; I cannot say the same for the analysis of this news found on the editorial page.