I’m Unexpectedly Entertaining

Not like funny ha ha or dramatic or anything like that sort of entertaining, alas. A very dear friend from Oregon has arrived, and I haven’t got anything pre-written, so I’m afraid it’s the cat for you lot again.

I got her with her eyes open, for once:

It was a sunbeam sort of day. We haven’t had many of those. And she was annoyed because I’d had the audacity to make some sort of noise.

I’m afraid she finds me a failure as a personal assistant. Sigh.

Anyway, whilst I’m busy, do go entertain yourself watching Jen take on the Burzynski Clinic and leave nothing but scorched earth and perhaps a few melted syringes behind.


    • Wes (thecausticignostic) says

      Perhaps she organizeth boustrophedon style. BTW, Dana, once again your kitteh porn is the tops!!! She is truly a queen. My cat Gremlin is a big fan, as am I.

  1. Michael Fox says

    You get to be a Personal Assistant? Wow, I only get to be a valet. I’m treated like an incompetent Jeeves. Someday I might get a promotion to PA.