Oct 21 2011

It’s Only the End of the World. Again.

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Callan Bentley reminds us it’s the end of the world today.

Morning everyone! Have a great end of the world! ;)
Callan Bentley

He gets to spend it playing in the field. I’ll be talking to people with broken cell phones. I’d offer to trade, but I wouldn’t wish my job on people I actually like.

Anybody got any good post-apocalypse parties planned? Starting a pool on what Harold Camping’s excuse will be this time? Or are we experiencing apocalypse-fatigue and just planning a lie-in with an improving book this evening?


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    You just got Buffy and obscure Neil Gaiman short stories into my morning. I think I can die happy.

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    The Bobs

    BTW, you should fix the link to Callan’s web site. It still points to his old address.

  3. 3

    What time is the world supposed to end? Is it the 5PM local (rolling) again, or something else?

  1. 4
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