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Aug 22 2011

Los Links 8/19

I’ve spent the better part of a week traveling, seeing incredible things, and fighting hotel wi-fi. Now Aunty Flow’s here, I’m virtually comatose, and the cat wants all the cuddles she missed. That’s why your links are late. They still contain some damned awesome stuff, so as long as you’re not engaged in a week …

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Aug 20 2011


Out of pre-loaded posts for ye. Also out of energy. But here’s a few outtakes to tide ye over ’til I can coherently write something about our adventures. Which may not be for several days – I expect to be comatose upon arriving home. Additionally, I’m not certain the cat will allow me to live …

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Aug 20 2011

GeoKitteh Contemplates Hand Samples

All of my lovely rocks from our El Norte adventure are still on a towel in the living room, awaiting their final home. This is normally where teh kitteh’s paper and cardboard are. I thought she might be angry, but she found Mommy washing rocks to be fascinating. Then she decided they’d been placed there …

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Aug 19 2011

The Bee’s Knees and Other Stories

My relationship with insects has fundamentally changed since I acquired a camera with excellent macro abilities. Creepy-crawlies just creeped me out. I had an intellectual understanding that critters had important functions in food chains and other sorts o’ things, but as for admiring them… yeah, not so much. There was a time when I’d look …

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Aug 18 2011

Hook ‘em While They’re Young

I need to hang around more young children. Most non-geologically inclined adults look upon my hand samples as a personal quirk, one of those odd things about Dana that’s of a piece with her LOTR decor in the bedroom, and not quite as interesting as that. They like the pretty samples with the nice crystals …

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Aug 17 2011

Geological Words that Sound Vaguely Naughty: Nuée Ardente

I’m sorry, I really am, but a nuée ardente isn’t some amazingly sensual French dance along the same lines of the tango. If it’s any comfort, though, it is hot. Really hot. Like, almost 2,000 degrees F. The thing about French is it makes everything sound beautiful and elegant. Like this: nuée ardente. Glowing cloud. …

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Aug 16 2011

Dojo Summer Sessions: Vonnegut Draws Us Story Arcs

I’m traveling. And before I left, I was preoccupied with traveling. So you shall have a video rather than me babbling. Listen to Kurt Vonnegut babble instead – you’ll enjoy it and you might find your Muse tickled, which is very nearly all a writer ever needs.

Aug 15 2011

Los Links 8/12

It’s been a rather bizarre week, and I was left with far too much reading undone. Got a few nice things for ye, at least, enough to keep you good and unproductive on a Monday. Enjoy! London Riots Mind Hacks: Riot psychology and When explaining becomes a sin. The Atlantic Wire: It’s a Pattern: London …

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Aug 14 2011

Blaming the Victims (Yet Again)

This sickens me so much I’m at a loss for words: Fifteen year-old Larry King (no relation to the CNN interviewer) was shot twice in the back of the head by his classmate Brandon McInerney while sitting in school in Oxnard, California. Now that McInerney is on trial, the boy’s legal team and the school …

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Aug 13 2011

SF Book Bonanza – Getcher Meme On!

NPR has released its Top 100 SF books list. Some damned good stuff on here! Also some things I tried to read and decided after a few pages were not worth continuing *coughswordofshananacough*. I felt the overwhelming need to go through and put the one’s I’ve read in bold. It’s a meme sorta thing – …

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