May 01 2011

Accretionary Wedge #34: Call for Posts

And this time, it’s gonna get weird.

Not just because I’m hosting, although that’s weird enough.  But we’re talking about Weird Geology.

Let’s face facts, people.  Geology can be strange.  Outrageous.  Bizarre.  I’m sure you’ve all run into formations and landscapes and concepts that have left you scratching your head.  Maybe they got less weird later.  Maybe they stayed strange.  But however transient or permanent that weirdness was, it got weird.

So tell us about it.  Hit us with the strangest stuff you’ve got.

And then throw me a link in comments here, or at the main Accretionary Wedge site.  Let’s say, oh, by May 27th, so that I can have us all weirded out by the 29th.


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    OK. Are you strictly meaning weird to Geologists or weird to non-scientists (like river gravels on hilltops)?

  2. 2
    Dana Hunter

    Whatever weirdness strikes your fancy. It can be weird to anyone.

  3. 3
    Evelyn Mervine

    Michael Welland and I would like to use our joint "Y is for Yardang" post as our example of weird geology. Link on Georneys here: http://georneys.blogspot.com/2011/05/geology-word-of-week-y-is-for-yardang.html#moreMichael also plans to cross-post on Through the Sandglass.

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    My entry is here.

  6. 6

    I've written a little something here which I hope fits the bill.

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    Kurt Montandon

    Uh, how about a few more days? Just stumbled across this, and the bottle of wine I finished is keeping me from sifting through lots of photos and sending in something appropriate …

  11. 11
    Garry Hayes

    And I just couldn't help being late to the party, but here is mine: http://geotripper.blogspot.com/2011/05/weird-geology-accretionary-wedge-34our.htmlThanks for hosting!

  12. 12
    Dana Hunter

    @Kurt: I'm doing an addendum, so if you can have something in by Saturday night, go for it!

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