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Mar 22 2011

Dana’s Dojo: Mythical Writing Part III

Today in the Dojo: Mythic Structure The latest incarnation of Oedipus, the continued romance of Beauty and the Beast, stand this afternoon on the corner of 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue, waiting for the traffic light to change.-Joseph Campbell, The Hero With a Thousand Faces Joseph Campbell started it.  He identified the archetypical structure of …

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Mar 21 2011

Reader Appreciation Day

Source It’s time to take a moment out of the week’s blogging topics and say, “Thank you!” You, my dear readers, are absolutely brilliant. I put out a plea for the things that scare you, and you weren’t afraid to rise to the challenge.  If I end up with the writing chops to create a …

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Mar 20 2011

Two Posts on Religion Everyone Should Read

Back before I got so completely immersed in Doctor Who and the subsequent explosions of ideas that I haven’t had time for much else, I was spending quite a lot of time catching up on every post ever written by Eric MacDonald.  His blog, Choice in Dying, is one I can’t recommend highly enough for …

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Mar 19 2011

Cantina Quote o’ The Week: Lao Tzu

The very bones of those you talk about have turned to dust.  All that remains of them is their words. -Lao Tzu Lao Tzu, of course, wrote the Tao Te Ching, and legends have sprung up around him like cats on a tuna can.  But this legendary tale might well be true: The oldest surviving …

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Mar 18 2011

Los Links 3/18

It’s been a week.  Top story, of course, was the earthquake in Japan, and the still-unfolding disaster as nuclear power plants failed. A great many geobloggers have presented excellent posts.  For links to a vast array of information, try Looking for Detachment and Outside the Interzone, where Silver Fox and Lockwood have collected a wide …

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Mar 17 2011

Oregon Geology Parte the Tenth: Crown Point

We’re at the end of our long journey, which began in Astoria, continued through Ecola State Park, Hug Point north and south, the world’s shortest river, Cape Kiwanda, Cape Meares, the Columbia River Gorge, and some truly tremendous waterfalls. Now here we are at Crown Point, where the Vista House gleams like a jewel in …

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Mar 16 2011

Dana’s Dojo: Mythical Writing Part II

Today in the Dojo: Way Beyond the Occident If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s.-Joseph Campbell There’s a horrifying tendency for most writers to dig into the stuff they grew up with – Biblical, Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythology – and look no further.  I can testify that back in …

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Mar 15 2011

Hypatia Day

Hypatia of Alexandria So I gets this message from Facebook, y’see – my Pharyngulite friend Cameron Cole inviting me to an event called Hypatia Day.  Brilliant!  A day for remembering one of the most remarkable women in history.  We need more of those.  And it’s worth punking off the Dojo till tomorrow for this. This …

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Mar 14 2011


Pi Sculpture, Temporary Installation, Downtown Seattle It’s Pi Day!  It’s a perfect opportunity to have fun with numbers.  In the spirit of things, here’s a clip from Doctor Who on mathematics.  Watch it, it’s awesome! Happy Pi Day, everyone!

Mar 14 2011

Fear and Loathing

I’m just going to throw this out there, because I’m stymied: what scares you? Not in general, in books, I mean.  You see, I’m trying to ensure that my main antagonist, Sha’daal, isn’t just some cheesy, generic Big Bad whose soul purpose is to provide a force for the heroes to overcome.  I know Sha’daal’s …

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