Monthly Archive: March 2011

Mar 31 2011

Spring! At Least According to the Trees

Oh, how I’ve missed using the macro mode on my camera.  I’d been hoping for a nice sunny day coinciding with a day off, but alas, twas not to be.  But it wasn’t peeing down rain, so we ventured out to have a look at the flowering fruit trees anyway. I think you’ll like the …

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Mar 30 2011

Geology in Odd Places: Insurance Building

When I stopped off to pick up my insurance check, I noticed something odd about the floor tiles.  They were all sort of shiny and wrinkly and lumpy.  I paused for a closer look, and very nearly shouted out two words in a paroxysm of glee: “Garnet schist!“ Garnet schist tiles I’m a sucker for …

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Mar 29 2011

Dana’s Dojo: The Writer as Chameleon

Today in the Dojo: Why a completely unique fictional voice may not be possible nor desirable, but slavish imitation can be avoided. There is no satisfactory explanation of style, no infallible guide to good writing, no assurance that a person who thinks clearly will be able to write clearly, no key that unlocks the door, …

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Mar 28 2011

Topics, People! I Need Topics!

I’m insane.  Right round the bend.  Gone straight for a madman.  Loco (well, in my case, loca).  I’m trying to write a month’s worth of blog posts within the next four days. Topics.  I need topics. So, if there’s anything you’ve been burning for me to write about, now’s the time to mention it.  I …

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Mar 28 2011

I’ll Take Wonder and Awe Over Mystery, Thanks

Seems it’s time to talk about science and beauty again.  You see, several people tweeted this XKCD: And then, on the same day, Eric MacDonald has this post up: This morning, in the The Independent, Michael McCarthy has an article entitled “Mere Science cannot account for beauty.” And while it may be true that mere …

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Mar 27 2011

Some Brief Thoughts on Death and Dying

Diana Wynne Jones, outstanding fantasy writer and Neil Gaiman’s friend, died. She lived a long life, and a good life, and left a lot of magic behind. I found myself standing on the balcony after hearing the news, staring into the sky at the stars, and caught myself thinking, “I hope Death came for her.”  …

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Mar 26 2011

Cantina Quote o’ The Week: An Old Turkish Saying

Geçmiş olsun. -A Turkish Saying meaning roughly “May it be over.” This is one of the many tidbits you’ll pick up from reading Louis L’Amour’s The Walking Drum.  It’s very useful for a long day at work.  Thanks to my Turkish coworker, you’ll even know how to pronounce it: gesh’mesh ol‘soon.  Use it well.

Mar 25 2011

Los Links 3/25

Reading’s still a bit sporadic.  Okay, a lot sporadic.  Creative juices flowing and all that – it’s been hard to focus on everything else.  But, thanks to the excellent folks I follow on Twitter, I got a few bits for ye. Thurs-Demo: The one with the Earthquake Machine: “I named mine ‘El Temblor!’ I need …

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Mar 24 2011

The Difference Between Guys and Gals

I sometimes worry, when writing from male points of view, that I’m getting it all wrong.  Okay, so, granted, I took some BBC quiz thing once that was supposed to measure the relative gender of your brain and came out strongly on the male side.  Spent most of my childhood running wild through the neighborhood …

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Mar 23 2011

Oregon Geology Bonus Features: Geologic Art Interlude

Did I say last week it was the end of Oregon Geology?  Well, consider this the DVD collection, complete with extras! We stopped over at Washington Park the morning we were in Portland, and found some delicious geologic art.  Les AuCoin Plaza One of the most striking is Les AuCoin Plaza, near the MAX station.  …

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