Poem o’ the Day

I sincerely hope my heart sister NP won’t mind me filching her latest, because it made me LOL, and it deserves to be my Poem o’ the Day.

to do

I have a list of

things to do today

of tasks needing completion

errands needing run

chores needing accomplished

but as the morning



I find myself


from what needs to be done

in order to

update my list of

things to do today

so I am organized

and know exactly what it is

I’m not doing

instead of writing articles

I list the articles I need to write

and make notes about research to be done

instead of running errands

I rearrange the order of errands

for the most efficient gas use

instead of completing chores

I take an inventory of cleaning products

in case I need to run to the store first

at the end of the day,

my list will be complete

and it will be

a damn good-looking list

Be sure to drop by her place and let her know what you’re carrying for Poem in Your Pocket day. As soon as I’ve figured it out, I’ll let you know.