A Very Nifty Rock for You to Test Your Mad Identification Skillz On

So there I was, enjoying the sunshine and a very lazy day with the kitties (yes, both – I made Misha be sociable), and then I check my email, and there is a message from friends from out of state. Their grandmother had a rock collection. They have it now. Would I like to see?

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Fabulous Art Reminding Us Our Bodies Belong to Us

One of the best things about being back on Facebook is the art. My feed gets filled with it. And sometimes, like in this case, it leaves me screaming, “Yes! Fuck yes! THIS!”

Image is a drawing of a Black woman wearing a yellow top and wearing a blue skirt. She has a bird in her hand, with hearts flying up from it. Beside her is a set of arrows pointing from her head to her feet, with the words, "I own this." Beside her is a paragraph: My body is not a democracy. It is an empire and I am its dictator. You do not get a vote. There will be no coup d'etat. Rebel forces will not overthrow me. I am in charge of it FOREVER."

Delightful, empowering art by Teafly. Image used with permission.

This fabulous piece is by Teafly, and she’s got it for sale in her Etsy store. It comes in a variety of choices, including a group portrait. All of them are awesome! I haven’t decided which I want yet, but a version of this needs to be hanging on my wall.

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Two Acts of Terrorism in One Day

So, we’ve had two acts of homegrown terrorism while I’ve been off doing meatspace stuff. I see some jackass tried to torch a Planned Parenthood, and some shitstain with a gun shot up a community college, killing at least ten people. But of course, this will all have nothing to do with the right-wing war on reproductive health care and this country’s refusal to engage in some sensible gun control. And they won’t be called terrorists. Just lone wolves. And I haven’t read much more than headlines so far, but I’m sure someone’s already busted out their imaginary copy of the DSM and their non-existent psychiatric degree and called at least one of them mentally ill.

I have only a few things to say at this time: [Read more…]

A Helpful Article for Those Unclear on the Concept of Consent

I’d like to draw your attention to this excellent article, written by a law professor, explaining consent with a series of scenarios that should be suitable for even dudebro-levels of reading comprehension. One thing becomes clear by the time you are finished reading it:

There’s really no excuse for being unclear on the concept of consent.

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Yes, Trans People Need to be Included in Abortion Discussions

Ophelia Benson recently harassed an abortion doctor who used inclusive language when advocating for abortion rights on Twitter. It’s pretty rich: a supposed champion for women’s rights decided it was far more important to pester an abortion doctor for using the term “pregnant people” than defend her against the howling anti-choice crowd attacking her for providing pregnant women, trans men, and non-binary people with a functional uterus. You can see the whole sordid exchange here.

As a cis woman with a (probably) functional reproductive system: No, Ophelia. You’re not doing a thing to help me avoid being forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term. Abortion doctors using inclusive language doesn’t set women’s rights back a bit. Having trans rights included with mine doesn’t hurt me – it helps. If we could see trans people as people with full rights to bodily autonomy, it would be easier for everyone to see women as people with those rights, too. So let’s just get that clear right now.

People like Ophelia do more harm than good. Cis women like me aren’t going to get better and shinier rights by shitting all over trans people. We’re not going to better protect abortion rights by denying a place at the table for trans folk who are in need of reproductive services. All it does is further harms a minority that’s already quite harmed enough. Women have a rough time getting the reproductive care they need, true. Trans men and non-binary people with female-assigned reproductive organs run into the same obstacles we do, and then have to deal with even more barriers to care: [Read more…]

“The Family Scapegoat” – Escape Chapter 8: Newlywed

So, imagine that the only way you can go to college is by having a sister-wife so jealous of you that she’ll talk your husband into sending you away. No one’s going to let you go just because it’s the right decision for you and your family. No one cares that you want to complete your education. It’s only because your sister-wife can’t stand you that you get the chance to go at all. And your new stepdaughters, asked by your husband to spy on you at college, are all clamoring for the chance to watch your every move. It’s the only way they’ll have a shot at college themselves. Their father certainly wouldn’t give mere girls an education just because they want one.

Welcome to Carolyn Jessop’s dysfunctional new family. This is what passes for sensible in the FLDS. [Read more…]

Proof of the Rapture!

Look, it really happened! Just like the Real True Christians said it would!

Image shows a pair of orange children's flip-flops in the sand. Each sandal is pointing in an opposite direction.

Evidence of the Rapture, my friends! The end times are upon us!

These shoes, sans owner, were lying forlorn upon the sand at Richmond Beach on September 28th. It can only mean one thing! God has raptured one (possibly nude) child and left the rest of us behind!! You know it’s the Tribulation now because we’re stuck with RTCs for at least the next seven years. If that’s not a trial and tribulation, I don’t know what is.

Super Blood Moon Eclipse Mania! Definitely the End of the World! Woo!

I know the world is ending today, my darlings. You see, last night was a once-in-a-long-time astronomical event, in the fall, and it wasn’t cloudy or raining in Seattle. We had cloudless skies. That is a sure sign of the apocalypse right there.

S, his friend P, and I went down to Magnuson Park to view the thing. I mean, how could we not? Perfect view over Lake Washington! We got there right at dusk, and the next sign of the apocalypse happened: despite it being a hugely popular destination for super blood moon eclipse madness viewing, we found an actual parking space in the main lot.

There is an utterly lovely view of Mount Rainier from there. So of course I got you a photo! [Read more…]

Really Terrible Bible Stories vol. 2: Exodus Excerpt – Chapter 6!


Foolin’ with Pharaoh

(Exodus 10)

God is a nasty, small-minded jerk.

This is not a difficult claim to prove. One need only to turn to the 10th chapter of Exodus and read the first two verses. God straight up admits he’s a petty asshole playing power games.

Recall all of the suffering and death dealt to the Egyptian people so far – people whose only crime, mind you, was to be born in a country ruled by the Pharaoh. Recall the countless animals he’s tortured and killed just to show off his power. Recall that God keeps demanding Pharaoh release the Israelites, then laying a disproportionate smackdown on innocent people when he doesn’t.

And now, God tells Moses why all this is happening: [Read more…]

Mystery Flora: Pretty Sure You’re Not A Crocus, Buddy

I did a double-take when I saw these in the neighborhood! They look like gigantic crocuses to me, and it’s entirely the wrong time of year for those.

Image shows two pale purple flowers that look like very large crocuses springing from the ground by a rock. There are no leaves. They have six broad petals that taper to a rounded tip.

Mystery Flora I

I have since come to find out that there are autumn crocuses, too, but I remain skeptical. Perhaps you’ll be able to pin down the answer: are these crocuses, or a similar-appearing flower? [Read more…]