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Ray Comfort Warns of Divine Judgment

Ray Comfort went on the Janet Mefferd show the other day and it’s a miracle that that much stupidity in one place didn’t create some sort of black hole that sucked the whole solar system into it. He says we’re inviting divine judgment because we teach evolution and that makes us have orgies and stuff. Read more

Calabrese: Pot Leads to Demon Possession!

Dan Calabrese, the editor-in-chief of Herman Cain’s website, combines Reefer Madness with his own brand of bizarre religious fundamentalism and claims that smoking marijuana “invites demonic infestation” and “puts a person at serious risk of demonic attack.” Read more

Activists in UK Want Ukpabio Deported

I wrote last week about Nigerian witch hunter Helen Ukpabio going to the UK to perform exorcisms and tell people how to spot demon-possessed children, many of whom end up killed or maimed as a result. Now a group of activists is asking the government to boot her out of the country. Read more

The Personal is the Political is the Legal

One of the revelations in a much-criticized book about the history of the fight for marriage equality (Andrew Sullivan, who really did play a huge role in that history, has rightly slammed the book for ignoring everything prior to 2008) is that the attorney who defended Prop 8 has a gay daughter and is now planning her wedding. Read more

Putin, Netanyahu and Neo-Con Cognitive Dissonance

A very interesting thing has happened in the wake of Vladimir Putin’s annexation of Crimea and hostile moves in the eastern Ukraine — he and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are suddenly buddies. Israel even abstained from the UN vote that condemned Russia’s recent military actions. This poses a real problem for American neo-cons who are demanding strong action against Putin. Read more