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Rape Helping Fuel Child Refugee Crisis

Here’s one major aspect of the child refugee crisis on our southern border that is rarely mentioned: The role that sexual violence in Central America is playing in driving young girls to flee north. The New Republic sheds some light on the issue. Read more

GOP Rep. Thinks American Officials are From India

Rep. Curt Clawson, a Tea Party-backed Republican congressman from Florida, made a complete ass out of himself during a committee hearing by talking to two senior administration officials, both of apparent Indian descent, as though they represented the Indian government rather than ours. Read more

Mainstreaming the Fringe Backfires on the GOP

I’ve been arguing for the last four years that the Republican party has created a major problem for itself by trying to ride the enthusiasm of the Tea Party movement to electoral success. It’s been a successful strategy, but it has brought the far-right fringe into the mainstream of the party and now the horse they’re trying to ride is bucking them off. Norm Ornstein has noticed the same thing. Read more

NV Candidate Worried About Fluoride and Chemtrails

A Republican candidate for the Clark County Commission in Nevada named Cindy Lake, who has been endorsed by none other than Ron Paul, went off at a recent event about the evils of fluoride in the drinking water and expressed concern about the dangers of chemtrails. Read more

Yes, Some People Should Be Shunned

As is usually the case, Greta Christina says what I’ve either said or wanted to say much more eloquently than I could. Following up on my post about the appalling behavior of the “Amazing Atheist” and the equally appalling defenses of that behavior being offered, she makes the case for shunning. Read more