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American Decency Association: OMG! North Korea!

The sound and fury emanating from the Christian right over the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear an appeal of a New Mexico case where a photography business refused to shoot a lesbian wedding is music to my ears. The American Decency Association says we’re now like North Korea! Read more

Judson Phillips Has a Thinking Problem

Some people have drinking problems; Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation seems to have a thinking problem. In his latest missive, he stirs up a frothy mix of bad math, false assumptions and lies to claim that more than a million Democrats voted twice in the 2012 election, ensuring Obama the win. Read more

Meet the Wingnut Candidate: Bob Marshall

There are a lot of far right candidates out there saying astonishingly stupid and appalling things, but Bob Marshall, a state legislator in Virginia now running for Congress, may have them all beat. Even the Moonie Times is reporting on his history of bizarre and extremist statements. Read more

Far Too Many Science Teachers Don’t Understand Evolution

A new survey of science teachers in Oklahoma confirms what we have long known from many other such surveys, which is that far too many science teachers in our public schools don’t understand the concepts they’re teaching, especially the theory of evolution. Read more

The IRS May Be a Bit Out of Control

No one likes the IRS, but this appalling and infuriating story is likely to make you like that agency even less. They’re now withholding tax refund checks from people whose long-dead parents had federal debts from decades ago, and we’re talking hundreds of millions of dollars. Read more