What’s the Harm in False Beliefs?

If you’re like me, whenever you find yourself criticizing some form of pseudoscience masquerading as reality you will inevitably get someone who says something like, “Oh, what’s the harm in believing in that? Everyone has to believe in something.” What’s the harm has the answer. This site, organized by category, shows the cost in both dollars and human life of believing in everything from astrology to vaccine denialism. These beliefs have real-life consequences.

Fischer Confuses Criticism and Censorship

What is it with wingnuts not understanding that just because someone points out their stupidity and bigotry, that doesn’t mean they’re being persecuted? Bryan Fischer makes this asinine argument yet again when writing about the court ruling that the names of those who signed a petition against marriage equality can’t be withheld:
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Cain Backpedals on His Backpedal

It’s really getting fun watching Herman Cain try to explain what he really by some stupid thing he said. There’s a pattern developing here. He says something that appeals to the wingnuts and then he pretends that he didn’t really mean it and then the wingnuts get mad at him for it. Here he is trying to explain to Piers Morgan what he really meant when he said he wouldn’t let Muslims serve in his administration.
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Krauthammer v Santorum on Marriage Equality

Charles Krauthammer asked Rick Santorum why allowing gay people to marry would destroy the institution of marriage and, predictably, he babbled and repeated himself and failed to make any coherent argument at all.

“It’s something natural, men and women coming together, having children, raising them for the benefit of society,” he said. “To redefine it then destroys it.”

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Roy Moore Considering Running Again

Judge Roy Moore says he’s considering running for office again — not for president, or for the governor of Alabama again, but to get his old job back as chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. He was kicked off the court after refusing a federal court order to remove a huge Ten Commandments monument from the courthouse.
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