Trump Endorses Romney

The Donald has decided to endorse Mitt Romney for president. Isn’t it depressing that we live in a country where this could actually be viewed as a good thing for Romney rather than a bad thing? Why in the world would anyone give two shits what Donald Trump thinks about almost anything? And I actually saw one commentator on TV talk about how this helps Romney because of Trump’s “populist appeal.” Apparently the word “populist” means that one is popular with morons.

Gingrich Attacks ‘Pagans’

Back in the 80s, the religious right’s favorite buzzword for us was “secular humanists.” They were always blathering on about the threat of secular humanism to America. Somewhere in the late 90s, I noticed that the terminology had changed and “pagan” became the all-purpose label for Them, those terrible non-Christian people who dared to assert that they had equal rights. And you may have noticed Newt Gingrich jumping all over that term lately, as he did this week during a telephone town hall meeting with anti-abortion nuts:
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Fed. Court Upholds Police State Tactics in Schools

The Rutherford Institute announced that a federal court has ruled against their clients in a case filed against a Missouri school for instituting a lockdown and random search of the belongings of public high school students by police. You can read the full complaint here, but I haven’t seen the ruling yet. The facts of the case are appalling:
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Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: Frank Gaffney

The Bryan Fischer award is given to those who engage in weapons-grade projection, accusing their opponents of having their own worst traits. Unhinged lunatic Frank Gaffney provides a sterling example of this when he accuses those who object to Jerry Boykin speaking at West Point of trying to destroy his freedom of speech and freedom of religion;
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Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Palin vs Everyone Else

Sarah Palin came to the defense of Newt Gingrich — who she is not endorsing, she wants you to know, she’s just urging people to vote for him — against attacks from their fellow wingnuts, comparing the attacks on him to the actions of *throwing dice with terrible dictators from history on it* Stalin.
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Another Computer Help Request

Okay, need more audio help. I’m using Skype to do interviews and Mp3 Skype Recorder to record the calls, which I will then load into Audacity for putting the show together. But for some reason, I can’t seem to get it to record in stereo — my voice is on one channel and the other person’s voice is on another. I can’t find any settings in Skype for this, and I’ve tried checking both “stereo” and “joint stereo” as the recording mode in the skype recording software. Is this a Windows setting? How do I get it to record both voices in stereo?

Newt’s Wildly Unlikely Moon Base Idea

Newt’s latest line of attack on Mitt Romney is that “facts don’t matter” to Romney. He’s right, of course, but they matter just as little to Gingrich. Phil Plait points out why Newt’s moon base pandering is absurd and impossible, especially given that he wants private industry to finance most of it. First, he argues, it simply isn’t feasible technologically at this point:
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Shortey People Got No Reason

Sen. Ralph Shortey of Oklahoma is putting on a full court press to become the nation’s looniest state legislator. In addition to that idiotic bill banning the use of human embryos in food, now he’s submitted a bill that would forbid the Oklahoma Supreme Court from reviewing the constitutionality of laws passed by the legislature. Your move, Sally Kern.