Romney 2008 = Obama 2011

Funny how past positions always come back to haunt politicians who base their arguments on political convenience rather than reason and principle — which means pretty much every politician, of course. Just as Obama’s past statements about executive power reveal his current mendacity, so too do Mitt Romney’s past statements about economic stimulus do the same.

Andrew Sullivan links to a post by Romney at the National Review Online during the 2008 campaign, when the economy wasn’t even as bad as it is now, declaring, “The downward spiral is deepening and accelerating: Congress and the president must act now.” And what he suggested sounds a lot like what Obama did with the first stimulus package and continues to suggest now:
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Robert O’Brien Nominee: Ellis Washington

This one from the oracle of absurd is particularly amusing:

During the 1700s, America called them Loyalists, humanists, the Enlightened, Jacobins. During the 1880s-1930s, America called them Darwinists, Marxists, populists, secularists, socialists, atheists, progressives. During the red scare of the 1940s and ’50s, America called them socialists, unionists, communists and communist sympathizers. During the 1960s, America called them liberals, baby boomers, hippies, yippies, radicals, anarchists, community organizers, or red diaper doper babies.

During the ’70s, America called them Black Panthers, terrorists, bra-burners, gays, green anarchists, secularists, or simply traitors Whatever one calls members of the Democratic Party coalition, one enduring leitmotiv is crystal clear – those who embraced socialism were all fascists, or at least fascist sympathizers, and their progeny rules today in both parties in all three branches of government – legislative, executive, judiciary.

Yes, of course. Gays, terrorists, secularists, humanists and baby boomers are all the same thing and all fascists. When someone says something that stupid, it really ought to cause physical pain.

Fischer: The Enemy of My Enemy is My Enemy’s Friend

Bryan Fischer continues his remarkable track record of being wrong on absolutely everything with this idiotic screed:

I will not disabuse you – if you think there is a parallel between Islamic fundamentalism and the homosexual agenda, if they have the same tyrannical impulse – the same impulse of hatred, the same impulse of vitriol, the same impulse of the spirit of anti-Christ, anti-Christian spirit, a vitriolic hatred of all things that are connection to the name of Christ, I’m not going to disabuse you of that notion. I think it’s the same dark energy. Islam wants to completely silence and neutralize Christians everywhere in the world. That’s exactly what the homosexual agenda wants to do.

Do not mishear me on this because I am being very intentional on this: the same spirit of intolerance that’s at work in Islam is at work in the homosexual agenda. The same spirit of hatred, the same spirit of enmity toward anything connected with Christ, the same enmity, the same vitriol is at work in Islam and in the homosexual agenda.

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Maggie Gallagher Gives Up the Game

Arch-bigot Maggie Gallagher likes to say that her opposition to same-sex marriage is just a pragmatic, principled opposition rather than a desire to impose her religious views. Except she kind of gave away the truth recently when asked about Michele Bachmann’s theocratic tendencies:

Mattera: “They think it’s some sort of weird conspiracy that [Michele Bachmann's] trying to take over the world for Christ.”

Gallagher: “Good for her, I say”

Yeah, we knew that already. Nice to see you admit it though.

Wehner on Palin’s Dishonesty

Peter Wehner writes at Commentary magazine about Sarah Palin’s recent statement that a presidential run might be too confining for her mavericky self. He starts by pointing out the obvious:

Ms. Palin complains that a run for the presidency would “prohibit” her from getting her message out because “handlers” would “shape me and … force my message to be” what others would want it to be.

But where is it written in stone that a candidate has to accede to the wishes of her “handlers”? Self-confident candidates – and I’ve known a few in my time — would simply ignore advice that they consider limiting.

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Hitchens on Ben Franklin

I’m reading Christopher Hitchens’ new essay collection on my Kindle and the first essay is about religion and the founding fathers. He says of Ben Franklin:

Of Franklin, it seems almost certainly right to say that he was an atheist (Jerry Weinberger’s recent study Benjamin Franklin Unmasked being the best reference here), but the master tacticians of church-state separation, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, were somewhat more opaque about their beliefs.

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Barton: I’m Just Like Jesus

David Barton says criticism of his terrible scholarship is akin to the persecution of Jesus:

Dallas: Well when the secular press tries to pigeonhole you as a historical revisionist, how does that make you feel? How do you combat that? How do we combat that? Because we use a lot of your materials, David, what do you say to that?

Barton: One of the things that I’ve found is that they like to go after me but they won’t go after the content because it’s documented so well, in our case we have 100,000 documents from before 1812. I have four law schools out there, secular law schools, who have entire websites smashing me, trashing me, but they’ve never been able to go after the content, they just don’t like what’s there. So what they’ll do is, and I don’t want to compare myself in anyway, but it’s the same tactic they used with Jesus. When Jesus had content that would change people’s lives they’d say ‘oh he’s a wine-drinker, he’s a glutton,’ and they would make things up about him and that’s designed to sever people from listening to him, ‘who wants to listen to a drunkard, who wants to listen to a glutton?’ So what you have to do is, you get by there, Jesus ignored those comment, you keep putting out the information so you don’t worry about when they attack you, you don’t worry about what they say, you get a whole bunch of people who will listen and you just overwhelm them with numbers.

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Pass the DREAM Act. Now.

Here is a perfect example of why the DREAM Act must be passed immediately:

Nadia Habib is a star psychology student in her junior year at Stony Brook University in New York. She has no criminal record. Her Bangladeshi father, a Queens cab driver who’s lived in New York for 20 years, has a green card, and her three siblings are all U.S. citizens. But because Habib was 20 months old when her mother brought her to the U.S., both she and her mother are scheduled to be deported tomorrow.

Habib didn’t learn she was undocumented until she was in high school, and her mother has been seeking asylum for the two of them since then. Earlier this month, their final appeal was denied. “We have to be there with 50 pound of baggage each and have our passports and be ready to leave or they can detain us,” Habib told a CBS affiliate in New York last week.

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Fischer: First Amendment Doesn’t Apply to Mormons

Uber-bigot Bryan Fischer continues his insane argument for applying the First Amendment only to Christians. Now he’s claiming that it doesn’t apply to Mormons either. Here’s his, uh, “reasoning.”

My argument all along has been that the purpose of the First Amendment is to protect the free exercise of the Christian religion.

One evidence that [the Founding Fathers] were not dealing … they weren’t even intending to deal with non-Christian religions is what they did with Mormonism in the latter part of the nineteenth century.

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Turley: Obama Worst Civil Liberties President Ever

Jonathan Turley writes in the LA Times that Obama may prove to be the worst president ever for civil liberties:

Civil libertarians have long had a dysfunctional relationship with the Democratic Party, which treats them as a captive voting bloc with nowhere else to turn in elections. Not even this history, however, prepared civil libertarians for Obama. After the George W. Bush years, they were ready to fight to regain ground lost after Sept. 11. Historically, this country has tended to correct periods of heightened police powers with a pendulum swing back toward greater individual rights. Many were questioning the extreme measures taken by the Bush administration, especially after the disclosure of abuses and illegalities. Candidate Obama capitalized on this swing and portrayed himself as the champion of civil liberties.

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Robert O’Brien Nominee: Robert Ringer

This one is a real gem from Robert Ringer of the Worldnutdaily:

But the philosophies of the two sides are now so irreconcilable that a more peaceful solution might be for them just to split the country in half and agree to part ways.

Those who believe in big government could take one half of the country and regulate, tax and redistribute wealth to their heart’s content. Within a few short years, of course, it would become a U.S. version of North Korea, devoid of civil liberties and mired in poverty, but, hey, we all get the government we deserve.

After giving the left first choice, conservatives and libertarians could then take the other half of the country – any half would be just fine – and implement a free-market economy that would be as close to laissez-faire capitalism as possible. In a short period of time, it would become a U.S. version of South Korea (or the U.S. itself in the days of yore), with explosive wealth creation and maximum freedom for its citizens.

That’s what passes for thinking on Planet Wingnuttia.

Geller, Spencer Pal Preaches Mass Murder

Charles Johnson notes that one of the founding board members of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), one of Pam Geller and Robert Spencer’s groups, has issued what Geller and Spencer would undoubtedly describe as a fatwa calling for violent jihad if it was issued by a Muslim. But this time it’s issued against Muslims — and practically anyone else he disapproves of — and therefore it’s okay.

He calls himself John Jay, but who knows if that’s his real name. And wait till you hear this appalling screed:
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Sanitizing the Tea Party’s Purpose

Nolan Finley of the Detroit News is the state’s leading conservative newspaper columnist. In a recent column he did some serious reality-covering in a defense of the Tea Party.

Democrats have effectively turned “tea party” into a pejorative, making the words conjure a rigid, uncompromising movement that is at the root of Washington’s dysfunction.

You won’t hear a Democratic mouth open today without a slur against the tea party spilling out.

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Pat Gets the Brush Off

This is actually a couple weeks old, but every once in a while I go over to our old friend Pat’s blog just for a laugh. And this post gave me a chuckle or two. He’s talking about Tucker Carlson, who certainly is an annoying little weasel, but not for this reason:

Allow me to share a personal story about Mr. Carlson, so you can know just what kind of asshole he really is; I once e-mailed Tucker Carlson about posting Op-Eds over there on the Daily Caller. Just my take on politics and current events. He told me, that he wanted to see a sample of my writing. I pointed him, with link to some of my special comments, he says, “Oh that’s nice, but I am looking for your actual writings and not blog postings.” That is how stupid Tucker Carlson is. He does not know that blog postings, even ones with all original writings, are still writings!

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Carlin on Profanity and Comedy

I’m finishing up Paul Provenza’s book Sataristas, which is a series of interviews with some of the best comedians in the world (and a few that don’t belong there at all, in my view). The last interview is with George Carlin and it took place only a week before he died. Carlin, for me and a lot of other people, is the absolute pinnacle of stand up comedy. No one in the history of stand up has produced more original and brilliant material than he did. As Provenza notes in his introduction to the interview, it’s almost absurd to talk about Carlin “in his prime” because his prime lasted 40 years — and got started after he had become one of the biggest stars in the business.

Provenza asked him about the commonly voiced opinion that a comedian that “has to” use profanity is somehow not clever enough to work without it. Carlin rightly scoffs at that:
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