France Makes It Illegal To Document Police Misconduct

A French court has evidently ordered the removal of a website where people could post videos of alleged police misconduct. What little French I knew from two years in high school has long been forgotten, but the commenters at Volokh who speak French say this report is accurate:
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Joseph Farah Bravely Defends Herman Cain

Joseph Farah writes one of the silliest defenses of Herman Cain you’re likely to read. He’s quite upset, you see, that a Time reporter pointed out that many of the columns Cain has written over the years that appear in the Worldnutdaily contain some real howlers. And that’s unfair, you see, because Cain is black.
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GOP Candidates Wax Stupid on Religion

In the most recent Republican presidential debate the candidates were asked about the role of religion in political debate, in the aftermath of Perry surrogates attacking Romney for being a Mormon and saying that no Christian should vote for a non-Christian. Their answers were variously ridiculous and amusing. Gingrich pretty much rules any non-believer out of consideration for public office:
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Court Strikes Down South Bend Church Land Transfer Again

For the second time, a federal court has struck down an attempt by the city of South Bend to transfer a property for which the city paid $1.2 million to a Catholic school for use as the school’s football field. After the first ruling, the city tried to change the deal to sell the property to the school at way below what they paid for it by ruling out any other buyer.
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The Jerry Falwell Library

Those are three words that should never be seen in succession, yet Liberty University is going to spend $50 million to build a library named after their founder. At first I figured there would be only one book, the Bible. But then there are all those young earth creationist books too. And Josh McDowell’s entire catalog. And anything by Tim LaHaye. So there may be lots of books, with almost no genuine intellectual content in them at all.

It’s also going to contain a museum dedicated to his life and ministry. I presume that will be named the Museum of Ridiculous Lies.