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Oh, Lee Duigon

Lee Duigon, the Christian Reconstructionist now writing for Matt Barber’s new site BarbWire, thinks we’re afraid of him. He also thinks we give a damn what he thinks is or is not a sin. Don’t you love being told what it is you believe or fear? I know I do. Read more

Arpaio Gives Interview to Anti-Semitic Paper

In the completely unsurprising news of the day, fascist Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is more than happy to give interviews to far-right, conspiracy-mongering, anti-Semitic websites like American Free Press. Right Wing Watch reports: Read more

Donohue’s Delusions

Bill Donohue of the Catholic League — really just an angry, red-faced guy with a P.O. Box and a fax machine who likes to put out press release — is a bit delusional. The Catholic Church has no problem with priests abusing children anymore. “I don’t know of a single institution which has less of a problem” with sexual abuse than the Catholic Church, he said in this interview. Wow. Read more

Russian Anti-LGBT Demonization Leads to Violence

It’s been clear for some time now that Russia’s harsh anti-gay law passed last year is creating an atmosphere that encourages violence against gay people and that the Russian government has little inclination to protect them from it. Right Wing Watch quotes human rights activists on the nature of that atmosphere: Read more

Secularists Fight Sabbath Laws in Israel

Israel is having a similar fight to the one over so-called “blue laws” in the United States in decades past, with secular Jews protesting against laws that forbid businesses from being open on the Jewish sabbath, which is sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. Read more