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WGN Anchor Hammers a ‘Psychic’

WGN anchor Larry Potash slammed a “psychic” who failed completely at a cold reading in the studio. When she offered to do a private reading for him, he said she did, “Awful! Not even close! I mean, if you’re going to sell yourself as a psychic, at least be good at it! It’s an old parlor trick.” Yep, it is. Here’s the video: Read more

HUMANE Act Gets It Exactly Backward

As you’ve probably read by now, American immigration law deals with unaccompanied minors from Mexico differently than those from non-contiguous countries. Mexican children can be sent back immediately by a border patrol agent, while those from non-contiguous countries have to have a hearing before a judge. A new bill in Congress does the exact opposite of what should be done to fix that. Read more

WND Suddenly Cares About Religious Non-Profits Getting Taxpayer Funds

The Worldnetdaily has suddenly decided that they’re troubled by religious non-profits getting government funding, but only if those religious charities are taking care of refugee children — you know, the 12-year olds with ebola coming here to rape white women and vote Democratic. Read more

Jon Stewart vs Louis Gohmert

Jon Stewart takes on the right wing’s freakout over 52,000 child refugees who have entered the country over the last few months, especially the incredibly stupid Louis Gohmert and one of his loopy House floor speech. This is funny stuff. Read more

Lawsuit Dropped Against Mariam Ibrahim

So another twist and turn, and a positive one, in the saga of Mariam Ibrahim. The lawsuit filed by her family has apparently been dropped, which may pave the way for her finally to be able to leave Sudan and come to the United States. Gee, I wonder if those anti-immigration Christian righters will complain about that? Read more