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‘Ex-Gay’: I’m a Threat to Satan

Janet Boynes, Michele Bachmann’s favorite “ex-gay” activist, went on the Steve Deace show and said that homosexuality is really all about a huge battle between God and Satan and that Satan is attacking her because she’s such a threat to his side of that battle. Read more

The Unending Irony of Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck’s total lack of self-awareness is truly awe-inspiring. On his show last week he criticized a Nebraska state senate candidate for associating with Grover Norquist who is “truly one of the most dangerous men supposedly on our side.” And he cautions that people ought to know all about the people they’re standing up with politically. Read more

NV Republican Deluded About the Youth Vote

The Nevada Republican Party recently decided to remove anti-choice and anti-gay language from their platform, prompting Republican state legislator Ira Hansen to go on the Janet Mefferd show and claim that the real way to appeal to younger voters is to embrace the “Pat Robertson wing” of the GOP. Read more

Is There Anything the Right Won’t Politicize?

As you probably heard, Chelsea Clinton announced that she and her husband are expecting their first child later this year. Predictably, some on the right are trying to turn it into a political issue. Steve Malzberg, for example, says that this was timed deliberately to help Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Read more

Did Michigan Just Cause a Constitutional Convention?

Last month the Michigan state legislature approved a resolution calling for a new constitutional convention to rewrite the U.S. Constitution. About 20 other states have recently voted to do so as well, but at least one scholar thinks that number is 34 because of really old votes to do so from decades ago: Read more