The Unending Irony of Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck’s total lack of self-awareness is truly awe-inspiring. On his show last week he criticized a Nebraska state senate candidate for associating with Grover Norquist who is “truly one of the most dangerous men supposedly on our side.” And he cautions that people ought to know all about the people they’re standing up with politically.
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More Church/State Distortions from the Worldnetdaily

The Worldnetdaily is furiously promoting an event called Washington: A Man of Prayer, to be held at the U.S. Capitol building on May 7, printing one article after another about it. It’s hosted by Michele Bachmann, Louis Gohmert and others. Unsurprisingly, the Worldnetdaily is copying a bunch of lies and distortions from David Barton.
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Gay-Friendly Churches Just Like Nazi Germany!

Here’s yet another example of a phenomenon I’ve noticed for quite some time now. For wingnuts, everything reminds them of Nazi Germany except actual Nazis. Eric Metaxas and the even more unhinged Kevin Swanson agreed on Generations Radio that the existence of a few gay-friendly churches is just like what led to the rise of Hitler.
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Barber Recycles Old Anti-ACLU Arguments

Matt Barber must be running out of ideas for columns because his latest one recycles some tired old arguments against the ACLU, very dishonest ones at that. The ACLU are all communists, don’t you know. Because communism is totally relevant to today’s world. Nobody beats a dead horse like the right wing.
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Western Conservative Conference Peddles Paranoia

Last week was the Western Conservative Conference, a sort of low-rent CPAC created by the Western Center for Journalism, which was created by Joseph Farah and out of which the Worldnetdaily grew. In addition to a roast of Joe Arpaio that included pointing to Hispanic waiters doing their jobs in the ballroom and yelling “Get him! Sic ‘em!” to Arpaio, it also peddled the usual paranoia and gold scams. Oh, and Floyd Brown ran the whole thing.
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Barton: Right Wing Paranoia Proves Obama is Bad

David Barton was asked by a caller to his radio show whether he thought Obama would declare martial law to stay in office beyond 2016. He said he didn’t think that was likely, but the mere fact that right wingers worry about it proves that Obama is “lawless” and is capable of doing that. Oh, and George W. Bush didn’t violate the Constitution.
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Cruz on Obama’s ‘Attacks’ on ‘Traditional Marriage’

Sen. Ted Cruz has been making the rounds of the right wing fever swamps over the last few days, one far-right radio talk show after another. On Monday he was on David Barton’s Wallbuilders Live show spouting blatantly dishonest spin about Obama and marriage equality.
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Dumbass Quote of the Day

From David Barton:

“This is one of the things that liberals have done to us in recent years is make us think that everybody is inherently good and therefore if an accident happens with guns, it can’t be the individual’s fault who walked into the theater and shot everybody, it’s got to be the gun’s fault because people are inherently good.”

*headscratch* Um. What?

Barton: As Bad at Math As He Is at History

Nothing is certain except death and taxes. I propose we could add a third certainty to the list: When David Barton offers up a “fact,” it’s either flat out wrong or being badly distorted. Right Wing Watch catches him doing this so blatantly that one can only conclude that he is either intentionally lying or is a weapons grade moron.
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The Blissful Ignorance of Glenn Beck

In a statement so blatantly ridiculous that it should have left every one of his listeners shaking their heads in disbelief, Glenn Beck told his radio audience, “I don’t know anybody who is anti-gay, at least not any of my friends.” Bear in mind that he wore a baseball cap all last week to honor Ken Hutcherson, who was both virulently and violently bigoted. Right Wing Watch points out the obvious:
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Barton Endorses Secessionist for Texas AG

David Barton has officially endorsed Barry Smitherman, current chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission, to be the next attorney general of that state. Smitherman, among many other extremist views, is an advocate of secession. He’s also defended a white supremacist group founded by a neo-Nazi and objected to them being labeled a hate group. There simply is no such thing as a fringe in conservatism anymore. There is no limit to how loathsome, racist or extremist you can be and still be welcomed as part of the Republican coalition.