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Education: The Process of Disillusionment

On Saturday, I had lunch at the Humanism at Work conference with Greta Christina and her brother and I mentioned my recent reunion with my old French teacher and that he had told me, when I went off to college, that “education is the process of disillusionment.” When I brought that up, Greta made a really interesting comment that had never occurred to me, which is that we use the word “disillusionment” or “disillusioned” as a negative thing. When people use it, it’s usually in the context of terrible disappointment — “I was an activist on issue X, but then I just became so disillusioned.” But as skeptics and rationalists, shouldn’t disillusionment be a positive thing? Losing one’s illusions about the world is one of our primary goals, isn’t it?

Farah Just Can’t Understand a Civil Rights Movement

Joseph Farah is confused. Pointing to a recent CDC survey that found about 3% of Americans identifying as gay, lesbian or bisexual, he demands to know why gay people get so much attention these days because he simply doesn’t understand why they don’t only get 3% of the attention. Read more

The Illuminati and the Malaysian Jet

A Malaysian jetliner was shot down over the Ukraine on Thursday. Alex Jones, of course, immediately declared it to be a false flag operation. The Boston Globe has a rundown of some of the whackier conspiracy theories. My favorite is that the Illuminati shot it down. Read more

Apparently, a Female Thor Will Ruin Everything

I’m not a comic book guy and couldn’t care less about superhero movies, but apparently Thor is now going to be a female character. Naturally, that has the MRAs losing their minds. Apparently, a female Thor is proof of misandry and is going to turn men into slaves for women. Or something. David Futrelle has the screenshots. This is my favorite: Read more

Palumbo: Not In My Backyard

Remember Peter Palumbo, the Rhode Island state representative who famously called Jessica Ahlquist an “evil little thing”? Well he just wrote a letter to the governor of that state saying that while he has sympathy for those 52,000 child refugees, he doesn’t think we should do anything to help them — at least not in his state. Read more