Robert O’Brien Nominee: David Barton. Again.

Even by Barton standards, this one is moronic.

“I’m sorry, your sexual choice is not a God-given right,” Barton said, “You’re talking about a choice and you’re talking about elevating a choice to an inalienable right, which is impossible, you can’t, not under the definition of American documents.”

Religion is a choice and that’s an inalienable right. Speaking, publishing newspapers and peaceably assembling are also choices — and all inalienable rights. As usual, Barton is completely wrong.

David Barton: Not a Historian

Here’s an amusing interview with David Barton where he admits that he’s not a historian — but only because nobody is a historian.

Barton: I really kind of do a whole lot of all of it, but I don’t consider myself a historian because I’m not sure there is such a thing … So I really don’t call myself a historian. I probably know more about history than most folks. I’ve probably read more history books than most folks, I’ve read thousands and literally tens of thousands. But I don’t consider myself a historian; I just happen to know some things about it.

I don’t think anybody can ever be an expert, per se, because in the case of history we have millions of documents at the Library of Congress, at the National Archives. If I’ve read a million of them, let’s say, that’s still only one percent of the knowledge that’s out there. How can I be an expert with one percent knowledge? I may know more than some other people in this area, but I can’t really consider myself a historian or an expert because there is too much left too learn, there is too much still to come to and in that sense I don’t look at myself as a historian.

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More Christian Nation Nonsense

Eddie Hyatt, the author of this profoundly silly article in Charisma News that echoes most of David Barton’s more absurd claims, calls himself a historian. Like Barton, however, he has no credentials at all in the field (his degrees are in divinity, from Regent University, and “Pentecostal-Charismatic Studies” from Oral Roberts University). Let the ridiculous claims begin:
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An Interview With the Writers of God’s Not Dead

Alex Songe pointed me to this interview with Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman, the screenwriters for the movie God’s Not Dead. It might surprise you, as it did me, that they are both Catholic, not evangelical Protestant. I’m sure it won’t surprise you that they’re nursing a serious persecution complex.
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Barton: God Will Punish Us With Routine Events

David Barton says that God is going to punish America for not slavishly praising anything the state of Israel does, no matter how destructive or wrong it might be by sending natural disasters that are bound to take place anyway. At the same time, of course, Muslim reactionaries will say that Allah is punishing America for supporting Israel. Both are totally and completely full of shit, of course.
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DeLay Doubles Down on the Lies

Tom DeLay recently claimed that “God created this nation [and] that He wrote the Constitution.” That’s a monumentally stupid thing to say, but he’s not backing down. And he went on the radio show of David Barton, who lies about history more than any man alive, to offer an equally ridiculous defense of his claim:
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Freshwater Appeals to Supreme Court

Having lost at every level so far, creationist former science teacher John Freshwater has now filed a writ of certiorari with the Supreme Court, which they will almost certainly deny. Richard Hoppe reports that the writ contains some serious inconsistencies with his previous claims in earlier phases of the case. The writ contains two questions they want the court to consider:
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