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Far Too Many Science Teachers Don’t Understand Evolution

A new survey of science teachers in Oklahoma confirms what we have long known from many other such surveys, which is that far too many science teachers in our public schools don’t understand the concepts they’re teaching, especially the theory of evolution. Read more

The IRS May Be a Bit Out of Control

No one likes the IRS, but this appalling and infuriating story is likely to make you like that agency even less. They’re now withholding tax refund checks from people whose long-dead parents had federal debts from decades ago, and we’re talking hundreds of millions of dollars. Read more

Witch Hunter Goes to the UK

Helen Okpabio, the Pentecostal preacher from Nigeria who is one of the people most responsible for violence toward suspected “witches” — almost always women and young children — in North Africa, recently took a trip to London to “deliver” people from “spiritual bondage.” Read more

OMG! Obama Press Secretary Likes Kitschy Art!

Leave it to Jeff Allen, the editor of Matt Barber’s right wing echo chamber BarbWire, to freak out about a couple pieces of kitschy art and draw completely unconnected conclusions from it. After finding out that White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and his wife have a couple of Soviet-era posters, he clutches his pearls. Read more

Indiana Court: Police Testimony Trumps Video

In an age where it has become absolutely routine to have video evidence that shows police officers to be lying in their reports and testimony, the Indiana Supreme Court is coming down firmly on the side of “who are you gonna believe, the cop or your lying eyes?” Read more