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Klayman’s Delusions of Grandeur

Larry Klayman really is endlessly amusing to me. He really does seem to believe that he’s leading a “second American revolution,” which is absolutely hilarious. The self-delusion is almost touching, especially as he pretends that his rally in Lafayette Park last November did anything other than spread a little litter around. Read more

Stedman on ‘Atheism Without Works’

Chris Stedman’s latest column expresses a position I have come to hold more and more strongly over the last year or so, which is that atheists and humanists need to build communities and engage in service projects that help better the human condition locally, nationally and globally. He makes the argument that Dale McGowan has been making for years: Read more

Is ‘Cell Block Psychic’ a New Low for ‘Psychics’ and TV?

Television these days is mostly a vast wasteland of stupidity but this new show may take the cake: Cell Block Psychic features “psychic” con artist Vicki Monroe talking with convicted murderers to put them in touch with the “spirits” of their victims. Read more

OK Students Less Knowledgeable About Evolution After Class

I reported recently on the study of Oklahoma science teachers, which found that a sizable percentage of them don’t understand evolution well enough to teach it accurately and effectively. Here’s the result: Oklahoma students actually know less about evolution after taking a biology class than they were before. Read more

Guest Post: Secular Collaboration for Everyone

This is a guest post by John Shook, who has started a fascinating new project called Partners for Secular Activism (PSA). It’s an online platform for classes that teach about skepticism, atheism and related topics. In this post, he explains exactly what the plans are and who is involved. Read more