‘Third Eagle of the Apocalypse’ Warns Atheists to ‘Wake Up’

William Tapley, the self-declared “third eagle of the apocalypse” (whatever the hell that is), has a warning for atheists. He says God is sending all kinds of warnings to the world, contained in “music videos, television commercials, even sporting events.” If God wanted to send a message, why not just send it? Why hide it in music videos where only someone like Tapley will use his secret decoder ring to interpret it?
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Rios Falls for Fake Story About Lesbian Incest

Always eager to jump on anything that might seem to support their ridiculous, dystopic predictions, the anti-gay bigots have fallen for some real whoppers. The latest is Sandy Rios, who fell for a fake story about a mother-daughter lesbian couple. The fact that it was on stuppid.com was either a clue or a prophecy. The story, of course, is a hoax.

Sorbo Goes Full-On Mel Gibson

Kevin Sorbo’s tour of the right wing fever swamps to promote the release of the DVD of God’s Not Dead has been one embarrassing and appalling statement after another. Now it appears he’s going full Mel Gibson, saying first that the Jews killed Christ and now saying that Christian movies don’t get made in Hollywood because it’s controlled by Jews.
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Krauthammer Caught in a Lie

Charles Krauthammer did an interview with Hugh Hewitt in which he declares that President Obama is “clearly a narcissist.” Krauthammer begins by saying that, as a trained psychiatrist, he has “foresworn psychiatry simply because you really can’t do it at a distance,” but then he goes ahead and does psychiatry at a distance anyway:
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