Chuck Norris and the War on Christmas

Chuck Norris is mad as hell and he’s not going to take it anymore. He’s fed up with that dastardly War on Christmas (you know, the one that doesn’t exist except in the fevered imaginations of the permanently persecuted). In an op-ed reprinted on Fox News and dramatically talked about by the three morons on Fox and Friends, he writes this:
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Senate Votes Not to Rein in NSA Data Mining

The U.S. Senate considered a bill that would pass some important safeguards on NSA data mining activities the other day. 58 senators voted for the bill but it still failed because that was just a cloture vote. Despite the fact that a strong majority of the chamber wants to pass the bill, it won’t even get a vote on the bill itself.
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A Racist Assistant Principal Who Needs To Be Fired

For those who think racism is no longer a problem, read this appalling story. An assistant principle from Booker T. Washington High School in Norfolk, Virginia tweeted a picture of 7 couples going to prom, all the girls white and all the boys black. The caption: “every white girl’s father’s worst nightmare or not.” Seriously, WTF?
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Teen Gay Group in Russia Charged Under ‘Propaganda’ Law

With each passing day, the reality of Russia’s ban on “gay propaganda” becomes more evident. It does exactly what we all said it would, censors and punishes anyone who speaks up for equality or helps gay people in any way. A group that helps gay teens deal with their problems has now been charged under that law.
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Fischer Wants Papal Conclave to Pick GOP Presidential Nominee

Bryan Fischer is concerned that there are just too many good candidates that appeal to the religious right and that this diminishes their influence over the Republican primaries. So he wants to have Christian right leaders call the potential candidates before them, interrogate them and then pick one of them to support:
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Rafael Cruz Repeats David Barton Lie

Rafeal Cruz, father of Sen. Ted Cruz, gives a lot of speeches that are little more than recitations of right wing myths and he borrows from David Barton a lot. But while speaking at John Hagee’s church, he repeated one of Barton’s most ridiculous lies, that the Supreme Court removed mandatory Bible reading from schools because it could cause “brain damage.”
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Swaggart: Gays Would Behead Christians If They Could

Donnie Swaggart proves that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The son of infamous Christian hypocrite Jimmy Swaggard is at least as much of a ridiculous demagogue as his father, declaring on a TV show that gay people really want to behead Christians like ISIS does and are upset that they can’t get away with it.
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Video of My Debate Last Week

Last Wednesday I debated Dr. Tim Schmig on the question of whether the constitution was based upon Biblical principles for CFI Michigan. The turnout was amazing, the 4th largest crowd we’ve ever had, and the debate went pretty much exactly as I expected. The debate was civil and amiable — Tim was nothing but a gracious gentleman over the last few months as we’ve planned this — but I think any objective observer would conclude that I got the best of him in this debate.
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OMG! Obama Met With Civil Rights Leaders About Ferguson

Jim Hoft, the dumbest man on the internet and possibly the most dishonest too, is outraged — OUTRAGED! — that President Obama “met with Ferguson activists” at the White House. And of course it’s a conspiracy, a “secret” meeting that was “hidden” by the media. He puts up this picture:
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Senator Shares Fake George Washington Quote

And here we go again, yet another conservative sharing a fake quote from one of the founding fathers. Only this time it’s a Republican Senator, Chuck Grassley:

If u love America u hv to appreciate GeoWashington He once averred that”It is impossible to rightly govern the world w/o God and the Bible”.

Apparently loving America requires that you appreciate invented quotations.

Christian Right Groups Can’t Decide Who’s Naughty or Nice

The American Family Association and Liberty Counsel both put out lists of which companies are “naughty or nice” (AFA) or “friend or foe” (Liberty Counsel) about the entirely mythical “war on Christmas.” But as Hemant reports, they can’t seem to agree on which companies should be praised and which should be boycotted. Like Best Buy. The AFA thinks they’re naughty:
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Fischer: Muslim Prayer Service ‘Desecrated’ Cathedral

The irony of all this criticism from the Christian right over the Muslim prayer service at the National Cathedral is that it’s really nothing more than an Episcopalian church (the government has no role in it), which they almost certainly don’t think is a real Christian church anyway. But here’s Bryan Fischer ranting about it:
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