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Farah Doesn’t Like Claims of Distraction

Joseph Farah is quite upset that so many Republicans, including hardcore conservatives like Dick Cheney, claim that impeaching Obama would be a “distraction.” He quotes several of them saying that, pointing out that since the Senate won’t do it, it would just draw attention from other things. Read more

Palin: God Wants Us to Impeach Obama

Sarah Palin told a gaggle of wingnuts that not only should President Obama be impeached, but that it would be an affront to the Almighty if we don’t do it because we would be “dethroning God” that way. Read more

Wingnut: ‘Archie Comics Embraces Homosexuality, Witchcraft Demons and Occult Practices’

In the proud tradition of Jerry Falwell claiming that the Teletubbies were a gay plot to destroy America, Larry Tomczak of Charisma magazine complains that “Archie Comics Embraces Homosexuality, Witchcraft Demons and Occult Practices.” Read more

Fischer: Obama ‘Danced on Graves of AIDS Researchers’

Bryan Fischer predictably freaks out over President Obama noting that a number of AIDS researchers died in the Malaysian airliner that was shot down over the Ukraine. Apparently, Obama should have condemned all gay people while he did it. Read more

America’s ‘Open Rebellion Against God’

Like many other bigots, Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission is seizing on a single poll that shows only about 3% of Americans identify as gay, lesbian or bi to claim that we should be catering to such a tiny minority. Because they’d totally change their mind if it were 10% or 20%. There some serious stupid in this column. Read more