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Rafael Cruz: Obama to Take Our Guns Like Mao and Stalin

Rafael Cruz continues his unblemished record of baseless paranoia by going on the Faith and Liberty radio show and declaring that Obama is a “totalitarian” who is going to take everyone’s guns just like Mao and Stalin did before slaughtering tens of millions of people. Read more

Anti-Choice Group Launches With Speech from Christian Reconstructionist

Personhood Iowa is the new anti-choice group affiliated with the National Personhood Alliance, a group so far out on the fringe that they think the National Right to Life Committee is a bunch of liberal appeasers. So naturally they launched the group with a speech from Christian Reconstructionist and neo-Confederate secessionist Michael Peroutka. Read more

Maryland GOP Running From Peroutka

Now that Christian Reconstructionist, secessionist and neo-Confederate Michael Peroutka has won the Republican primary for the Anne Arundel County commission in Maryland, that state’s GOP is having to distance itself from him and his absolutely unhinged views. Read more

Jeffress Offers Baseless Paranoia

Robert Jeffress is upset about Obama’s executive order forbidding discrimination against gay people by federal contractors and he’s offering a completely evidence-free slippery slope argument that it will lead to churches losing tax-exempt status. Read more

WND Columnist Goes All Macho on Michael Sam

Carl Jackson, one of the seemingly infinite number of Christian right radio hosts in existence, is quite agitated that anyone would dare to criticize former NFL coach Tony Dungy, another Christian righter himself. Because Christians are apparently untouchable and if you dare to criticize one, you are “crucifying” and “persecuting” them. Read more