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The Bundy Ranch Story is an Old One

Tom Kenworthy at Think Progress goes into the long history of attempts by ranchers like Cliven Bundy to get out of federal grazing fees and the attendant “range war” rhetoric that often goes along with those attempts. They never actually win because the law is crystal clear. Read more

Franklin Graham Loves Putin Too

The love affair between the anti-gay Christian right and Vladimir Putin continues. Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham, went on ABC News on Sunday and praised Putin’s anti-gay crusade as him doing the right thing for Russia, as though the right thing for Russia was different than the right thing for America. Read more

Political Draft Committee Raises Millions

There are either a lot of people or a few very rich people who really, really want Ben Carson to run for president. A committee to draft him to run for president, the National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee, has raised more than $2 million despite having no association with him and his repeated insistence that he has no interest in running. Read more

‘Ex-Gay’: I’m a Threat to Satan

Janet Boynes, Michele Bachmann’s favorite “ex-gay” activist, went on the Steve Deace show and said that homosexuality is really all about a huge battle between God and Satan and that Satan is attacking her because she’s such a threat to his side of that battle. Read more

The Unending Irony of Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck’s total lack of self-awareness is truly awe-inspiring. On his show last week he criticized a Nebraska state senate candidate for associating with Grover Norquist who is “truly one of the most dangerous men supposedly on our side.” And he cautions that people ought to know all about the people they’re standing up with politically. Read more