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Ralph Reed’s ‘Irrefutable’ Evidence on Same-Sex Parenting

Ralph Reed went on ABC News on Sunday and, when asked about same-sex marriage, trotted out the tried and false claim that there is “irrefutable” social science research that shows that children raised by straight parents are better off than those raised by gay parents. Read more

Problem Solving is Better Than Persecution Poses

Hemant highlights a story out of a child in Missouri who was allegedly yelled at by a teacher for carrying a Bible. Her mother immediately took to Facebook to launch a protest and then ran to the local TV station rather than calling the school to file a complaint and resolve the situation. The school released this statement: Read more

Beck and Oprah Won’t Have Jim Garrow to Kick Around Anymore

Jim Garrow is highly upset that Glenn Beck is not sufficiently supporting Cliven Bundy so he took to Facebook to declare that he isn’t going to go on Beck’s show (which he’s never been on or been invited on, so far as I know). Oh, and he won’t go on Oprah’s show either. Read more

CWA Doesn’t Want Women’s History Museum

Congress is considering funding for a National Women’s History Museum and Concerned Women for America Against Women are highly agitated because it might actually celebrate the movement that made women more equal instead of, say, anti-female women like Phyllis Schlafly. Read more

Is There Anything the Right Can’t Politicize 2: Electric Boogaloo

In his weekly radio address over the weekend, President Obama talked about Easter and Passover, sending greetings to those who celebrate those two holidays. But he was far too ecumenical for hateful Islamophobes like Pam Geller, who accused him of “proselytizing for Islam” by even mentioning them. For the record, here is the transcript of the address: Read more