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Wingnuts: We Must Celebrate Christmas Because ‘Pluralism’

With the House having done virtually nothing but take useless votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act, a group of wingnuts in that chamber finally found something important to do: Adopt a non-binding resolution in favor of Christmas. Next they’ll be adopting a resolution in favor of kind grandmothers. But this is important, don’t you know, because of the “war on Christmas.” Read more

To Honor Our Fallen Heroes

Rep. Randy Forbes (R-eally Right Wing) submitted a bill today to build a memorial in Washington, DC to those who bravely lost their lives in the War on Christmas. The memorial, which will be in the shape of a duck, will also include the Tomb of the Unknown Culture Warrior. Read more

Wildmon: War on Christmas Leads to Christian Persecution

Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association, for whom the mythical “war on Christmas” is nothing more than a marketing slogan designed to sell Jesus junk, says that this non-existent “war” is just a precursor to the dystopic wet dream of every wingnut, the persecution of Christians. Read more

Dan Savage Reads Sarah Palin’s Book

Dan Savage bought Sarah Palin’s book weeks ago but lacked the gumption to actually read it until just a few days ago, when he decided to live blog his progress in between baking batches of cookies. The results are predictably hilarious. This passage made me laugh out loud: Read more

Fox News Declares War on Christmas

Bill O’Reilly rants endlessly about the entirely fictional “war on Christmas” and hammers anyone who says “happy holidays” instead of “merry Christmas.” Which makes it all the more hilarious that Fox News runs promos saying “happy holidays” immediately after one of his ignorant rants on the subject. Read more