Wingnuts: We Must Celebrate Christmas Because ‘Pluralism’

With the House having done virtually nothing but take useless votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act, a group of wingnuts in that chamber finally found something important to do: Adopt a non-binding resolution in favor of Christmas. Next they’ll be adopting a resolution in favor of kind grandmothers. But this is important, don’t you know, because of the “war on Christmas.”
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Wildmon: War on Christmas Leads to Christian Persecution

Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association, for whom the mythical “war on Christmas” is nothing more than a marketing slogan designed to sell Jesus junk, says that this non-existent “war” is just a precursor to the dystopic wet dream of every wingnut, the persecution of Christians.
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Fox News Declares War on Christmas

Bill O’Reilly rants endlessly about the entirely fictional “war on Christmas” and hammers anyone who says “happy holidays” instead of “merry Christmas.” Which makes it all the more hilarious that Fox News runs promos saying “happy holidays” immediately after one of his ignorant rants on the subject.
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WND Declares War on Christmas. Again.

Just as they did in 2012, the Worldnetdaily is trying to have it both ways on Christmas. On the one hand, they print all these articles about the alleged “war on Christmas.” On the other hand, they put up videos declaring that Christmas is a pagan holiday. Their latest says that December 25 is actually the birthday of Baal, not Jesus. WND, why do you have the baby Jesus so much?

Sarah Palin Has ‘Access to Santa Claus’

Ralph Reed of the Faith and Freedom Coalition did a quick interview with Sarah Palin about her upcoming book on the totally mythical “war on Christmas.” And she actually claims that it will be a great book because she’s from Alaska and therefore are “near the North Pole and have access to Santa Claus.” A few seconds later she says it’s all about focusing on Jesus. Without a hint of irony. Seriously, she’s just a moron.
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Massie: Godless Liberals Try to Destroy Easter

From the people who brought you the widely acclaimed War on Christmas, it’s the War on Easter. Apparently, we “godless liberals” are waging a war we didn’t even know we were in. And Mychal Massie, one of the Worldnutdaily’s columnists, throws lots of absurd rhetoric and ahistorical claims at it:
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O’Reilly Blathers About ‘Secular Progressives’ Again

The Supreme Court has said that, when it comes to nativity scenes, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are secular symbols that dilute the message of Christianity. To Bill O’Reilly, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are the only things standing between secular progressives and their evil agenda.
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