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Feb 26 2013

National Review Writer: Repeal Women’s Suffrage

Joining Vox Day and Jesse Lee Patterson, Michael Walsh at the National Review Online thinks we should take the right to vote away from women. Mario Loyola wrote a column calling that referred to alcohol prohibition, but mistakenly said that was the 19th amendment (it was the 18th, repealed by the 21st). But Walsh says …

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Feb 16 2013

Schlafly’s Terrible Arguments Against Early Voting

Phyllis Schlafly has a blog post and audio message about why early voting is a terrible, horrible, no good idea. The headline — Early Voting is Unfair to Voters — should tip you off that she’s about to spew some really, really bad arguments on the subject.

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Feb 13 2013

More Voter Fraud Hysteria at the NRO

John Fund of the Wall Street Journal has a post at the National Review Online pushing the absurd idea that voter fraud is a serious problem that requires making it far more difficult for people — well, minorities and the poor — to vote. He writes:

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Feb 07 2013

The Power of Gerrymandering

With demographic realities making Republican wins at the polls less and less likely, their electoral strategy has been a two-pronged one: 1) voter suppression tactics to keep as many Democratic voters from the polls as possible, and 2) gerrymandering congressional districts to isolate Democratic voters and create safe Republican seats. The first part didn’t work …

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Jan 31 2013

Nevada Republican Pleads Guilty to Voter Fraud

A Republican from Las Vegas who tried to vote twice in the November election has reached a plea deal to pay a pretty big fine. She claims she was just trying to illustrate how easy it was to commit voter fraud, but the fact that she was denied a ballot the second time kind of …

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Jan 31 2013

Bolger Open to Election Rigging Scheme

Rep. Jase Bolger is the speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives and he is about equal parts ruthlessly partisan and unethical. And while some other Republican legislators have spoken out against an election rigging scheme being considered in several states, including Michigan, he’s making terrible arguments in its favor:

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Jan 30 2013

Exchanging Scripts on Dividing Up Electoral Votes

With several Republican state legislatures considering proposals to divide up their electoral votes, would it surprise you that both parties have proposed similar things in the past and have now flipped their positions entirely out of political convenience? In Colorado, for example, the Democrats tried to do the same thing in 2004 when it would …

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Jan 29 2013

Michigan Rep. Gives Away the Game on Electoral College Reform

Michigan is one of several states where the Republican-controlled legislatures are considering changing the way electoral college votes are determined. The proposal here is to have the electoral votes divided up by congressional district rather than a winner-take-all where whoever wins the popular vote gets all of the state’s electoral votes. The arguments they’re using …

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Jan 21 2013

More Exaggerated Voter Fraud Claims Debunked

As usual, a conservative group is wildly exaggerating the existence of voter fraud to further their political agenda of suppressing the poor and minority vote. This time it’s the Club for Growth claiming that there were thousands of fraudulent votes in Minnesota in 2008:

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Jan 20 2013

Rick Scott Plays Pretend on Boondoggle Election Law

Gov. Rick Scott of Florida certainly doesn’t lack for chutzpah. Meeting with a group of black legislators who expressed their concern over the election law changes that resulted in long lines and tens of thousands of people being unable to vote, Scott says don’t blame him, it wasn’t his law.

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Jan 18 2013

SCOTUS Denies Cert in GOP Voter Suppression Case

The Supreme Court denied cert, without comment, in an appeal filed by the Republican National Committee to lift a consent decree they agreed to in 1982 requiring the court’s approval before instituting any “ballot security” measures such as voter caging.

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Jan 17 2013

RNC Chair Wants Blue States to Split Electoral Votes

Since their voter suppression schemes around the country didn’t prevent the Democrats from winning the 2012 election, the Republicans are now floating a different plan to rig the vote in their favor by splitting the electoral college votes — but only in states that tend to vote Democratic in presidential elections, of course. RNC Chairman …

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Jan 04 2013

Tens of Thousands Denied Vote in Florida Due to Long Lines

Much has been written, including by me, about the innumerable ways the Republicans tried to suppress the vote this year by making it more difficult for people to cast a ballot. One of the ways they do that is by trying to make the lines longer so more people have to leave before getting a …

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Jan 02 2013

Did the GOP’s Voter Suppression Efforts Backfire?

Much was written over the last two years, including by me, about the Republican party’s attempts all across the country to suppress the votes of poor and minority voters and make it more difficult for them to get to the polls. But a new report from Pew concludes that black voters, in particular, voted in …

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Nov 30 2012

Virginia AG Agrees Obama Stole the Election

Ken Cuccinelli, the extremely far right attorney general of Virginia, went on a wingnut radio show that has been making outrageous allegations that Obama stole the election and completely agreed with the hosts that what they’re saying is correct and that they were “preaching to the choir.”

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