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Feb 14 2014

Study: Online Trolls Tend to Be Sadistic

Here’s the most unsurprising study result you’ll see this week (month…year…decade). A new study published in a psychology journal concludes that online trolling correlates with sadism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism. Here’s the abstract:

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Feb 10 2014

O’Reilly’s Ego

This quote from Bill O’Reilly about his interview with President Obama had me literally laughing out loud: “I’m going to predict that that interview that I did is going to go down in journalistic history as what should be done,” the host said Thursday. He made the comments on his Fox News colleague Geraldo Rivera’s …

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Feb 08 2014

Greatest Dope Story Ever Told

Someone finally uploaded one of the funniest comedy routines ever done by the late, great Ron Shock. It’s called the greatest dope story ever told. It’s a long story in his thick southern drawl about smoking the best marijuana ever. It’s absolutely worth listening to.

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Feb 07 2014

The Disaster of the Sochi Olympics


The opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia are on Friday and this is shaping up to be pretty much an epic disaster. They spent $51 billion on these games (half of which probably went to bribes in one of the most corrupt nations on earth) and the hotels aren’t even finished yet. …

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Feb 04 2014

Springsteen’s Religious Roots

I was a high school junior when Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA came out and I didn’t like it at the time. I never understood when older people would talk about him in such reverent tones. I simply wasn’t old enough to appreciate his music, which has grown on me in my middle age. …

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Feb 03 2014

Ignoring the Super Bowl Ads

I’ve never understood the hoopla over Super Bowl ads. People get so giddy with anticipation over them and talk about them endlessly and I just shake my head. They’re freaking commercials, people. They are designed to manipulate you into buying products. This old Daily Show clip pretty much expresses my feelings about them:

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Jan 25 2014

Help Avicenna Raise Money for Acid Victims

FTB’s own Avicenna is doing a serious fundraiser for the Acid Survivors Trust International, a group that aids women who are victimized by having acid thrown on them, almost exclusively in the Muslim world. For this fundraiser, he’s going to be hiking many miles in the Himalaya mountains. You can donate to the cause here …

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Jan 24 2014

Volokh Moves to the Washington Post

It seems the Washington Post is snapping up some of my favorite blogs. First they hired Radley Balko away from HuffPo, now they’ve announced that the Volokh Conspiracy is moving to their website. Volokh is a great blog for serious con law geeks like me. The new address is here.

Jan 21 2014

Worldnetdaily Presents ‘Real Kosher Jesus’


From the Worldnetdaily, proof that a picture really is worth 1000 words: What a relief to find out that the bread and wine at communion are kosher.

Jan 18 2014

Ooh, a New Kirk Cameron Movie

Kirk Cameron has a new movie coming out and, of course, the Worldnetdaily is promoting it. It’s a movie about “family, faith and baseball” — straight, Christian families only, please. But it’s all very hush hush, you see, because no one was aware it was being filmed, quite possibly including the cast.

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Jan 12 2014

Sphinx Foundation Gets $4 Million Gift

The Sphinx Foundation, which was founded by my old friend Aaron Dworkin, has received a $4 million gift from an anonymous donor. That gift will allow them to expand their programs that provide instruments, training, competitions and opportunities for minority musicians in classical music.

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Jan 07 2014

When Should You Divorce Your Family?

Over Christmas I heard stories from a few of my friends about horrible things done and said by their family as they gathered. Some of it was just plain emotional abuse. Keli Goff asks an important question: If it’s accepted that we can divorce a spouse, why can’t we divorce a family member without being …

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Jan 04 2014

I Love Patton Oswalt


I think Patton Oswalt is one of the top five comedians working today. He’s been remarkably consistent in putting out one great cd/dvd after another and he has a totally unique voice. Here’s another reason to love him. A company offered to pay him to Tweet on behalf of certain products and his response is …

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Dec 28 2013

This Almost Deserves a Medal

The Daily Show had a hilarious story about John Beale, an EPA employee who claimed to be a CIA agent (he wasn’t). And to have malaria (he didn’t), which he got in Vietnam (he wasn’t there). And then, after he got caught, he moved in to his former boss’s guest room. This almost deserves a …

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Dec 24 2013

Saying Goodbye to John Oliver

John Oliver is leaving the Daily Show for his own weekly show on HBO and Jon Stewart surprised him with a very cool goodbye on his last show. It’s very funny and very touching to watch.

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