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Mar 04 2014

Patton Oswalt on Bill Hicks

Last week was the 20th anniversary of the death of Bill Hicks, the greatest comic of his generation and, in my view, one of the four or five greatest of all time. Patton Oswalt, one of the best comics of the present generation, wrote about it. Coincidentally, the first part of it was something I …

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Mar 01 2014

The Drunken Founding Fathers

Stanton Peele reminds us that the founding fathers were known to drink. A lot. I mean a whole lot. Beer, wine, hard cider, whiskey. Whatever they could get their hands on, and in large amounts, a fact that was systematically covered up by temperance movement historians.

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Feb 28 2014

Lobbyist Loses Client After Trying to Ban Gays from NFL

Some PR folks like to say that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Republican lobbyist Jack Burkman is finding out that his publicity stunt of trying to pass a bill to ban gay men from the NFL proves that maxim wrong. He’s already lost one client due to his bigoted grandstanding:

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Feb 26 2014

Look! A New Blog!

We haven’t added any new bloggers for a while, mostly because we were waiting to complete the redesign, but we’ve got one new one before that’s finished. Kaveh Mousavi is an atheist living in Iran, which gives him an interesting background and a whole lot to say (and the need to hide his real identity). …

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Feb 22 2014

Learn Philosophy From Dan Fincke

My friend Dan Fincke is starting another round of his online philosophy classes, which other friends like Shelley Segal and Alex Songe have raved about. I don’t have time to take the whole courses, but I’m gonna drop in now and then and see if I can learn something. You can get all the details …

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Feb 20 2014

The Impending Clown Shortage

When I was a kid, my family was a bunch of clowns. Literally, my dad and my brothers and I used to dress up as clowns and go to hospitals and take part in parades and such. Apparently we need to get back into it because the nation is apparently facing a major shortage of …

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Feb 16 2014

Perkins, Blackwell Lie About Domestic Terrorism

Tony Perkins and Ken Blackwell told a big ol’ honking lie on the Family Research Council’s radio show a few days ago, claiming that right wingers don’t commit domestic terrorism in this country, that it’s always done by left wing extremists. Seriously, they said that:

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Feb 15 2014

A New Trailer for God’s Not Dead

Here’s a second trailer for the God’s Not Dead movie. Seriously, I can’t wait to see this. It’s like a Christian version of the Karate Kid, with the professor as John Creese from the Cobra Kai and the freshman student as Daniel San. This is going to be hilariously idiotic. The unintentional comedy scale may …

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Feb 14 2014

Study: Online Trolls Tend to Be Sadistic

Here’s the most unsurprising study result you’ll see this week (month…year…decade). A new study published in a psychology journal concludes that online trolling correlates with sadism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism. Here’s the abstract:

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Feb 10 2014

O’Reilly’s Ego

This quote from Bill O’Reilly about his interview with President Obama had me literally laughing out loud: “I’m going to predict that that interview that I did is going to go down in journalistic history as what should be done,” the host said Thursday. He made the comments on his Fox News colleague Geraldo Rivera’s …

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Feb 08 2014

Greatest Dope Story Ever Told

Someone finally uploaded one of the funniest comedy routines ever done by the late, great Ron Shock. It’s called the greatest dope story ever told. It’s a long story in his thick southern drawl about smoking the best marijuana ever. It’s absolutely worth listening to.

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Feb 07 2014

The Disaster of the Sochi Olympics


The opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia are on Friday and this is shaping up to be pretty much an epic disaster. They spent $51 billion on these games (half of which probably went to bribes in one of the most corrupt nations on earth) and the hotels aren’t even finished yet. …

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Feb 04 2014

Springsteen’s Religious Roots

I was a high school junior when Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA came out and I didn’t like it at the time. I never understood when older people would talk about him in such reverent tones. I simply wasn’t old enough to appreciate his music, which has grown on me in my middle age. …

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Feb 03 2014

Ignoring the Super Bowl Ads

I’ve never understood the hoopla over Super Bowl ads. People get so giddy with anticipation over them and talk about them endlessly and I just shake my head. They’re freaking commercials, people. They are designed to manipulate you into buying products. This old Daily Show clip pretty much expresses my feelings about them:

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Jan 25 2014

Help Avicenna Raise Money for Acid Victims

FTB’s own Avicenna is doing a serious fundraiser for the Acid Survivors Trust International, a group that aids women who are victimized by having acid thrown on them, almost exclusively in the Muslim world. For this fundraiser, he’s going to be hiking many miles in the Himalaya mountains. You can donate to the cause here …

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