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Upcoming Network Downtime

Freethought Blogs will be shutting down for a couple hours around 2 am EST so we can move everything to a new server. Tomorrow morning it will be a whole new network — new server, new theme, new logo, new design, totally new front page. FTB launched on Aug. 1, 2011 and the new FTB will launch exactly three years later.

Education: The Process of Disillusionment

On Saturday, I had lunch at the Humanism at Work conference with Greta Christina and her brother and I mentioned my recent reunion with my old French teacher and that he had told me, when I went off to college, that “education is the process of disillusionment.” When I brought that up, Greta made a really interesting comment that had never occurred to me, which is that we use the word “disillusionment” or “disillusioned” as a negative thing. When people use it, it’s usually in the context of terrible disappointment — “I was an activist on issue X, but then I just became so disillusioned.” But as skeptics and rationalists, shouldn’t disillusionment be a positive thing? Losing one’s illusions about the world is one of our primary goals, isn’t it?

Legalization Isn’t Enough

This piece at is a few months old but it makes an important point that I hadn’t discussed before. With Colorado and Washington legalizing the sale and possession of marijuana, there’s a jarring disconnect between those now making lots of money selling it and the huge number of people in prison for doing the same thing before those laws were passed. Read more

Are the Least Serious Christians the Most Defensive?

The idea I’m about to express was brought on by a conversation with a couple of friends in a hangout the other day. Let me state this premise: Most people who call themselves Christians do so not because they’ve given it serious thought and have concluded those beliefs to be true but because it’s an identify marker — “I belong to the tribe of Christians,” by which they mean the Tribe of Good People. Read more

Austin Miles Falls for Fake News Reports

Rev. Austin Miles isn’t very bright. In fact, he’s something of a dullard. And like most wingnuts, he’ll jump on any story that makes Obama look bad, even if it’s completely false and even if it comes from a site that does satirical stories. So he passed on this bit of bullshit: Read more