Perkins: Americans Will Never Accept Marriage Equality

I am always amused to see Christian right bigots try to convince themselves, and more importantly their followers who donate to their groups, that they’re in the majority on same-sex marriage and always will be. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council says that Americans will never accept marriage equality.
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Massie: Blacks Were Better Off as Slaves

Mychal Massie is one of a small group of incredibly far right black writers and talk show hosts (along with Erik Rush, Jesse Lee Peterson, E.W. Jackson and a few others) who routinely say things that leave my jaw agape. His latest screed at the Worldnetdaily is simply mind-numbing, as he says that black Americans are worse off today than they were under slavery.
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Texas Wingnut Claims ‘Divine Appointment’

The Texas state legislature is chock full of Christian right extremists and Mark Keough, who is running unopposed for a state house seat, will be no exception. He’s the pastor of the The Woodlands Bible Church and says that he won the seat because of a “divine opponent.” And he sees his work as a legislator as an extension of his ministry.
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Griffin Wants to Kill African Immigrants

Several years ago, a bunch of young fascists at Michigan State University invited Nick Griffin of the British National Party to speak. Griffin denied that he was a racist, of course, but everyone knows otherwise. He proved it again by demanding that the EU sink ships full of African immigrants in the Mediterranean.
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Another Christian Right Prediction Fails to Come True

Tuesday was the 5th anniversary of the passage of the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Pre­ven­tion Act. Christian right leaders were in full demagogue mode, declaring that this would lead to pastors being frogmarched out of the pulpits for saying anything bad about homosexuality. Let’s review. The Worldnetdaily, when the House passed the bill, said that this would “muzzle pastors.”
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Wiles: ‘Sodomites’ Taking Over, Will Enslave Christians

I almost feel sorry for Rick Wiles of TruNews radio. Imagine how difficult it is for him to continually one-up his own deranged claims and predictions. In his latest tirade, he said that the country has been taken over by evil people and that God told him that Christians were going to be enslaved.
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Bradlee Dean: Obama Implementing Sharia Law

Bradlee Dean, who would need a promotion to get to be an idiot, went on a rant on his radio show, saying that “God didn’t give us a right to institute, friends, a bunch of homosexuals into federal government in this country.” But then he said that President Obama was “attempting to implement Sharia law.” It’s amazing that Obama can simultaneously be pro-gay, and thus trying to destroy the country, and implementing Sharia law, which Dean himself has said is “even more moral” than Christians because it puts gay people to death. Funny that.