Beck’s Incoherent Anti-Vaccine Rant

Among all the other bizarre positions Glenn Beck takes, he now appears to be adding a mushy, incoherent anti-vaccine position. He doesn’t come out and say he’s anti-vaccine, just against the “arrogance” of doctors who give them. What do those doctors know? They’ve only eradicated whole diseases with vaccines (until recently, that is). And he literally stands up and applauds parents refusing to vaccinate their kids.
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Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: Scott Lively

The Bryan Fischer Award is given to those who display a staggering lack of self-awareness, accusing their opponents of committing their own worst sins. Deranged bigot Scott Lively surely deserves one for claiming that an HRC report that points out his own vile positions against gay people is trying to make people kill him.
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Is the Scroll Bar Problem Fixed?

We’re working hard to get the ads tweaked. We think we got the problem with the left-hand slider ad killing the scroll bar fixed. Is anyone still having that problem? I’ve never had it myself, so I can’t know for sure. Please let me know in the comments if you’re still having that problem, or if it’s stopped for you. We know we have a couple other problems to fix and we’re working with the ad company to do that. We think the scroll bar problem was actually our fault in putting in a double code. I hope we’ve fixed that for good now.

Boykin: Obama, Muslims,, Commies, Gays Brainwashing Americans

Disgraced former Gen. Jerry Boykin, now a VP with the Family Research Council (call it wingnut make-work), went on Rick Wiles’ TruNews radio, where he fit right in. He says that President Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood, the commies and gay people have teamed up to run psy-ops to “brainwash” the American people into not impeaching him.
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