Posner Shreds Chief Justice Roberts’ Dissent

Slate has been having something of a symposium on the Supreme Court making same-sex marriage legal nationwide, inviting scholars to weigh in on the matter. Legendary 7th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Richard Posner aims his considerable intellect and eloquence at the main dissent of Chief Justice John Roberts and hits the mark.
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Louis Gohmert Tears? Don’t Mind If I Do

The tour of right wing bigot freakouts continues with the single dumbest man in Congress, Rep. Louis Gohmert. Like his fellow theocrats, he thinks it’s somehow relevant that the Supreme Court’s marriage ruling contradicts what the Bible says. And of course, his big bad invisible buddy is totally going to beat us up now.
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Trump Responds to Univision Snub With Illegal Discrimination

Donald Trump has faced a serious backlash after declaring that Mexican immigrants are rapists and criminals. Univision announced that it would no longer air Trump’s Miss USA pageant, so Trump retaliated by declaring that no Univision employee may use his golf course in Miami. He may well have violated the law with that move.
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Justice Thomas’ Dissent

Finally, we come to Justice Thomas’ dissent in the marriage case (I’m going to ignore Alito’s because, frankly, who cares?). As is so often the case, Thomas writes a separate dissent that is only joined by one other justice (Scalia). Even Roberts and Alito didn’t join this one, presumably because it takes a far more radical position than they want to endorse.
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We Have Marriage Equality. Now What?

This week I attended a lecture by Emily West of the Grand Valley State University LGBT Resource Center and she expressed her concern that once we win on same-sex marriage, some of the big funders of LGBT groups and many of the straight allies might well declare victory and walk away thinking the battle is over. It’s not an entirely unfounded fear, but this ally has no intention of slowing down.

Let’s be very clear on one thing: This is not the end. This is a great advance for equality, but it is neither the last nor the most important, not by a longshot. As long as our LGBT friends have to live in fear of losing their jobs, their housing or public accommodations, we are not done. As long as trans people are being murdered and gay people beaten up, we are not done. As long as young people are bullied, spat on, beaten up and brutalized into suicide at a horrifying rate, we are not done. So let’s celebrate the hell out of this — and then let’s get back to work.

Poor Ann Coulter — No One Reacts to Her Anymore

One of the problems with being a ridiculous troll person is having to constantly one-up yourself. If wild exaggerations, distortions and lies are your stock-in-trade, you have to keep pushing the envelope. And now my former colleague Annie Lowrey reports that Ann Coulter is disappointed that she has largely lost her ability to get attention by being a textual shock jock.
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Klayman Calls for Impeachment of Justices for ACA Case

There are some well-known rituals that signal the beginning of something special. The first birds singing in springtime. Opening day in baseball. The tournament director saying “shuffle up and deal.” Add to that the first time each week that Larry Klayman calls for someone to be impeached. In this case, it’s the six justices in the majority in the Obamacare case.
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Justice Scalia’s Dissent

And now on the dissent of Justice Scalia, who joined in Chief Justice Roberts’ primary dissent but writes separately to, in his words, “call attention to this Court’s threat to American democracy.” Scalia, like virtually every other judicial and legal conservative, makes arguments against judicial review itself while pretending to make arguments only against the result of a particular case.
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Huckabee’s Ridiculous Response to Obamacare Ruling

Mike Huckabee rarely has anything coherent or intelligent to say about constitutional matters, so it’s hardly surprising that his response to the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding subsidies in the federal exchanges created by the Affordable Care Act contains lots of outrage and nothing remotely reasonable.
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