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Saudi Arabia Equates Atheism and Terrorism

Saudi Arabia, whose ruling family includes some princes who support and fund terrorism around the world, has passed a new anti-terrorism policy that defines atheism itself, along with nearly all dissent from that country’s leadership, as terrorism. The new definition of terrorism includes: Read more

Battle of the T-Shirts

A friend on Facebook put up a link to this t-shirt that is being sold by Hobby Lobby on their website. My response is on the right:

Atheists, Please Stop Saying These Things

Tuesday night I participated in a panel discussion at Grand Valley State University with six other atheists (three students, three professors and me). Someone brought up something that is often said to atheists by Christians, that they really do believe in God even if they claim not to (“in their heart of hearts” in the often annoying phrase). I pointed out that this was offensive and patronizing. Read more

Guest Post: Forced Baptisms and Other Misadventures in Public Communication

This is a guest post by my friend Dan Linford about a rather unfortunate situation that took place last week after he appeared on HuffPo Live. Dan is, in my opinion, one of the most thoughtful voices in atheism and deserves much more attention and I’m happy to give him this platform to clear the air. Read more

Why Sagan Matters

As the reboot of the famous Cosmos TV show is set to begin, with Neil deGrasse Tyson at the helm, original host Carl Sagan is the subject of a great deal of discussion. Kimberly Winston at the Washington Post looks at Sagan’s enormous influence in the atheist, skeptic and humanist community and quotes a lot of people I’m happy to consider friends. Read more