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Yes, Some People Should Be Shunned

As is usually the case, Greta Christina says what I’ve either said or wanted to say much more eloquently than I could. Following up on my post about the appalling behavior of the “Amazing Atheist” and the equally appalling defenses of that behavior being offered, she makes the case for shunning. Read more

Why the Rise of Secularism Is a Good Thing

Phil Zuckerman was asked by a journalist if he thinks the growing number of atheists and agnostics and the rise of a sizable secular demographic is a good thing for the country. He gives his answers in a column in Psychology Today and I agree with most of them. Read more

Another Moronic Claim that Atheists Don’t Exist

Alex Kocman, writing at Matt Barber’s wayward home for clueless dumbasses, seizes on a recent Science 2.0 article that is barely any better to claim that “atheists may not exist.” Funny, I’m pretty sure I exist and I’m pretty sure lots of other atheists do too. I’m sure you’ll be shocked to hear that they both articles vastly oversimplify the issue and draw ridiculous conclusions from far more reasonable premises. Read more

Greta Needs Your Atheist Grief Stories

Greta Christina is already at work on her next book, tentatively titled Grief Beyond Belief: Living With Loss as Atheists and Other Non-Believers, which she is co-writing with Rebecca Hensler, founder of Grief Beyond Belief. If you have stories to share, they might end up in the book. Click here for details.

Nigerian Atheist Declared Mentally Ill

A Nigerian man has been detained and hospitalized after being declared mentally ill, apparently because he said he didn’t believe in God. The International Humanist and Ethical Union is advocating on his behalf and BBC News has the story: Read more