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None Dare Call It Torture

With the Senate Intelligence Committee’s vote to declassify part of the 6000+ word report on the Bush torture regime, the media is once again reporting on the issue — and once again almost entirely refusing to call it torture. All they want to use are euphemisms: Read more

The Torture Debate in the GOP

Andrew Sullivan makes a really interesting point about Rand Paul running for president, which is that if he does make a run — and he’s obviously going to — it will force the issue of torture out into the open. His opponents will undoubtedly raise the issue to attack him. Read more

Senate Report: CIA Lied to DOJ

More leaks are coming out from the Senate Intelligence Committee’s still-hidden report on the Bush-era torture regime and — surprise, surprise — it concludes that the CIA repeatedly misled the DOJ and their own inspector general about what they were actually doing. Read more

CIA Tells Interrogators ‘Waterboard Him Some More’

If you want to know just how disconnected from any sense of reality or morality the CIA became after the Bush administration ordered them to start torturing people, this article should make you cringe as it did me. John McCain recently told the National Journal that at one point interrogators reported that a detainee had been definitively broken and they were told to “waterboard him some more.” Read more

Liz Cheney: Torture is Vital!

Dick Cheney is seemingly quite proud of his role in making the United States violate its treaty obligations (a treaty pushed through by conservative hero Ronald Reagan, I might add) and so is his daughter. Responding to criticism in the wake of the vote to release part of the famous torture report, Liz Cheney goes full-on fearmonger: Read more