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Feb 16 2014

A Bizarre New Claim on the Shroud of Turin

Sharon Hill reports on a bizarre new “theory” from some Italian researchers that the Shroud of Turin may be real because there might have been an earthquake and that earthquake might have released neutrons and those neutrons might have been capable of creating such imprints. The Telegraph has the details:

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Jan 29 2014

National Geographic Lies to Kids


I am so glad I got the hell out of ScienceBlogs when National Geographic bought the site. As if the pseudo-scientific crap on their cable channel wasn’t bad enough, now they’re flat out lying to kids. This is the cover of the latest issue of National Geographic for Kids:

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Jan 26 2014

Another Positive Thinking Fraud


I’ve made no secret of my utter loathing for the whole concept of motivational speaking, “life coaches” and the entire new agey, positive thinking racket. Here’s an example that practically makes my skin crawl, a con artists named MaryAnn D’Ambrosio, “Ph.D.” It’s a deck of cards that promises:

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Jan 16 2014

Another Marks Family ‘Psychic” Goes to Prison

I’ve written before about Rose Marks, the “psychic” who was convicted of fraud but has not yet been sentenced. Now her “top lieutenant” — her daughter — has been sentenced to four years in prison and ordered to repay $2.2 million in restitution.

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Jan 12 2014

Ooh, 2014 ‘Psychic’ Predictions

It’s a new year and that means a whole new set of yearly predictions from “psychics” that won’t come true at a rate above chance unless they’re so vague or obvious that anyone could predict them. Lamont Hamilton, who predicted that in 2013 Congress would pass comprehensive immigration reform, the UN would pass a global …

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Jan 10 2014

‘Real’ Crop Circles and ‘Fake’ Crop Circles

The world knows now that the various woo-masters of the world were predictably taken in by a fancy crop circle shaped like a computer chip in Salinas, California. And yes, that should be embarrassing for them. But Ben Radford makes what I think is a very odd statement about it:

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Jan 08 2014

Yeah, About That Crop Circle…

A couple weeks ago a new crop circle — okay, more like a square — suddenly appeared in a field in Salinas, California. The citizens of Bullshitville (which I’m pretty sure is in New Mexico) immediately got all excited. Aliens! Evidence of Aliens! The Worldnetdaily fell for it hook, line and sinker, even presenting an …

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Jan 08 2014

Pat Robertson’s 2014 Predictions

As he does every year, Pat Robertson went up to his mountaintop retreat and spoke to God, who gave him a long list of predictions for 2014. Of course, two years ago God allegedly told him that Mitt Romney would win the presidency. Hey Pat, were you lying then or was God?

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Jan 07 2014

Another Scam: A ‘Past Life Coach’

If there’s anything more ridiculous than having or being a “life coach” it would be having a “past life coach.” And that’s exactly what a massage therapist in Fargo, North Dakota has declared herself with the help of “North Dakota’s #1 news website.”

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Jan 05 2014

Beware the Detox Fraud

There are a few handy buzzwords that almost always indicate that you’re dealing with pseudo-scientific bullshit (“all-natural,” “balance,” “energy,” “vibration,” etc). And whenever you see a product promising to “detoxify” your body, that should send up a red flag big enough to block out the sun, as Scott Gavura points out.

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Jan 02 2014

‘Psychic’ Scammed $2 Million From Credulous Victim

A woman in Connecticut, coincidentally named Stacy Caputo (presumably no relation to the “Long Island Medium,” Teresa Caputo), says she gave $2 million to the “psychic” who falsely claimed that Lindsay Lohan had assaulted her in a nightclub.

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Jan 01 2014

More 2013 Predictions From ‘Psychics’

It’s always fun at the end of the year to look back at all the predictions made by “psychics” at the beginning of the year. Invariably, you find that almost none of them came true and the ones that did were either so obvious that anyone could have predicted it or so vague that something …

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Dec 31 2013

WXYZ Does Infomercial for ‘Pet Psychics’

WXYZ, an ABC affiliate in the Detroit area, did a story the day after Christmas that was nothing more than an informercial for a couple of con artists presenting themselves as “pet psychics.” The “reporter” who did the story brought her dog in for a reading and this was the result.

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Dec 30 2013

Dr. Oz: Brain Scans Prove ‘Psychic’ is Genuine

Dr. Oz continues his descent into being a colossal fraud with a recent episode in which he brought on another quack doctor to do a brain scan on “psychic” con woman Teresa Caputo (the “Long Island Medium”) and “prove” that her “psychic” powers are real and true while she performs incredibly bad cold readings. Steven …

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Dec 27 2013

Psychic Sued in Texas

We’ve seen a significant ramping up of criminal prosecutions of “psychics” for defrauding their clients, but now an attorney in Houston is suing a local “psychic” for fraud after spending $3200 to have the “psychic” align his chakras so he could find love. The “treatment” didn’t work.

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