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Yes, Let’s Teach About Pseudoscience in Schools

Ross Pomeroy has a great idea. He says we should incorporate discussions about how to spot pseudoscience into public school curricula in order to teach students how to distinguish between reality and nonsense and thus better equip them to understand the world. I could not agree more. Read more

Homeopathy Maker Pulls Product for Containing Medicine

Okay, this story made me literally laugh out loud. Terra Medica, a company that makes homeopathic “remedies” (what they actually remedy is unclear), has recalled a bunch of its products because — gasp! — they might contain actual medicine. Clearly, that cannot be allowed. Read more

CNN Asks ‘Psychic’ About Missing Plane

The Dr. Drew Pinsky show on CNN Headline News actually managed to be worse than it usually is when a guest host interviewed a “psychic” about the missing Malaysian plan. That “psychic” made the absolutely baffling claim that “psychics” must avoid “hard, concrete evidence” in order to do their job correctly. Read more

Kevin Trudeau Gets 10 Years in Prison

Kevin Trudeau, the con man who sold fake diets to people and made tens of millions of dollars doing it, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for criminal contempt for failing to comply with earlier punishments for the fraud he carried out on vast numbers of people. Read more

‘Psychic’ Fraud Geller to Help Find Malaysian Plane

“Psychic” con man Uri Geller says he’s been called in to help find out what happened to the missing Malaysian plane. He’s using “remote viewing” — read: he’s pretending to be able to astral project around the planet — to figure out this mystery. Read more