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WGN Anchor Hammers a ‘Psychic’

WGN anchor Larry Potash slammed a “psychic” who failed completely at a cold reading in the studio. When she offered to do a private reading for him, he said she did, “Awful! Not even close! I mean, if you’re going to sell yourself as a psychic, at least be good at it! It’s an old parlor trick.” Yep, it is. Here’s the video: Read more

News Station Tells How to Avoid ‘Psychic Scammers’

WGCL, the CBS affiliate TV station in Atlanta, clearly wants to help its readers. To that end, they published an article on “how to avoid psychic scammers” in reference to a recent case there. I think the article pretty obviously misses the relevant facts. Read more

Shocker: Long Island Medium a Fraud

I’m sure this will come as a huge shock, but it appears that Teresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, might actually be a fraud. Radar Online has a report on some of the fans who went to her shows coming away disappointed and skeptical that she might not be telling the truth about her magical powers. Read more

Does Irrationality Undermine Rationalism?

Greta Christina writes about one of the vexxing issues for those of us who advocate reason and rationality, the fact that the human brain is only partly capable of those things. We are more prone to rationalization than we are to rationality. So what does this mean for the fight for a more rational society? Read more

Greatest. Psychic. Fail. Ever.

I love this story so much that it makes me giddy. A famous “psychic” in the UK proved herself to be a complete fraud in front of an audience full of people recently, claiming to be talking to the dead “spirit” of a woman when she was actually talking to the woman herself in the audience. Read more